Earn Rewards Making Food Deliveries

Most people think you just make tip money and paid part of the delivery fees when driving for Postmates, Door Dash, and other delivery on-demand services. If you handle some of these orders right you can also earn yourself free rewards and offers and find yourself earning tax-free rewards on these trips. You just have to take the steps of signing up for these programs. Here are some of the programs you want to sign up for when doing deliveries.

Pei Wei is one example of a rewards program where you can earn free food. You can sign-up for their program when you make your online pick-up requests for delivery pick up the food and earn points each time towards a free meal. Not only are you earning free food but you are making it easier than having to call in each time.

One of the more popular rewards programs is with Starbucks. If you’re picking up orders for the monster coffee company then why are you not claiming these rewards stars for yourself? The person on the other end of the delivery doesn’t have the option and it would be wasted reward points if it is not used.

Jason’s Deli also has a points program when you order online for pick-ups. Cowboy Chicken in Dallas has Cowboy Cash where you can earn free food.

Taking that extra step when booking deliveries really pays off.