Hilton Honors Rewards Program Basics

In the constant effort to bring its customers top quality service, the Hilton Honors Rewards Program was created to provide incentives for travelers that allow them to earn points, which can then be redeemed for a score of benefits and perks. If you are constantly on the go – whether for business or leisure – this program may be worth looking into as a way to make the most of your time away from home.

How to Join
This part of the process is convenient, fast and easy to do. Simply visit the Hilton website and navigate to the section of the site that deals with the Hilton Honors Rewards Program. There will be an online form to fill out as well as create your unique username and password. Once your membership has been confirmed, program information and the details of your membership will be emailed to you. There are different membership levels available (Blue, Silver VIP, Gold VIP and Diamond VIP). The more points you accumulate, the faster you can move up to the next level and begin enjoying the benefits and privileges that come with each one.

Start Earning Points
As with most rewards programs, the Hilton Honors Rewards Program is a point-based system that requires members to take action by staying at one of the participating hotels and/or flying on one of the airlines that is a partner in the program. This should not be difficult, due to the fact that there are 3,500 hotels and 50 airlines that currently participate in the program.

One of the most popular options for earning points through the program is known as the Double Dip feature, which allows travelers to not only earn points for staying at one of the hotels but airline miles as well.

The three main earning styles members can choose from include the Points & Variable Miles (10 points, plus one airline mile for each dollar spent), Points & Fixed Miles (10 points for each dollar spent, plus 500 airline miles for each hotel stay) and the Points & Points (10 points, plus an extra 5 bonus points for each dollar spent).

However, traveling by air and staying at the hotels is not the only way to earn points. What makes this program so effective and popular for members is the fact that they can earn points by renting a car during their stay and even shopping and dining at participating stores and restaurants.

Accumulating points on a regular basis gives members the opportunity to enjoy numerous perks and benefits, such as free high-speed internet during their hotel stay, access to health club privileges, free room upgrades, cruises, trips to entertainment parks, dining/shopping gift certificates and even bonus points, which are ideal for bumping a member up to the next level.

To redeem points for rewards, all a member has to do is visit the Hilton Honors website and click on the rewards category and follow the instructions for selecting the desired reward. Once redeemed, a certificate and unique ID number will be sent to the member. In order to claim the reward, the certificate must be printed out and turned in. Proof of ID must also be presented.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Points
While being a member of the Hilton Honors Rewards Program is a great way to receive incentives for activities you normally engage in, the best way to make the most of your membership is by learning how to earn points faster in order to redeem them for the rewards you want. Staying at hotels and flying on the preferred airlines is the most obvious way to rack up points but there are other options available that can help you reach your next membership level and rewards sooner. Signing up for a Hilton Honors credit card is one of the quickest ways to get points on a daily basis, even when you aren’t traveling. By using your credit card to make everyday purchases for things such as groceries, gas and eating out at restaurants, you can actively earn points more frequently, which can then be redeemed for free flights, hotel stays and merchandise, among many other rewards.

Another tip for getting the most points is by changing your earnings style each time you plan on traveling. This can be done by logging into your account on the Hilton Honors website. Doing so gives you the chance to make sure you are earning the maximum amount of points per stay according to the details of your flight and/or duration of your stay.

Current Promotions

500 Bonus Points until December 31, 2017, using the app for booking hotel rooms.

Past Promotions from Hilton Honors:

Triple Your Points

HHonors members will receive double points for the average nightly folio for qualifying Monday through Thursday nights of their stay and triple points for the average nightly folio for qualifying Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights of their stay completed during the Promotion Period.

What is the Promotion Period for the ‘Triple Your Trip’ HHonors promotion? July 9, 2013 through September 30, 2013.

The current Points Back offer is to promote the new use of points in upgrades and redemption of points plus money room bookings. You can receive 30% of your redeemed points back when you use one of these exciting new hotel rewards

  • Premium Room Rewards- Use points to book our best rooms, from a spectacular ocean-view to a penthouse suite.
  • Points & Money Rewards- Enjoy a reward stay faster using a combination of points and money to book a standard room. Availability varies by hotel, season and day of the week.

Thirty percent is quite a boost to the room price so do not forget to book by January 31, 2012, and complete your stay by June 30, 2012.