Home Improvement Credit Cards

Some people say that home improvement is most popular in the Spring but we say its a all-year event with things needing repair and renovation around the home.  Homeowners today can find great deals between Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware, and so many retailers helping our home improvement efforts.  Each retailer has their own credit card but we suggest a card that is issued from a bank like Citibank.  If there is a sign-up incentive of 10% off the first purchase with a home improvement stores card then we suggest you use that card then cancel it after you get your promotional discount. With the Chase Home Improvement Card you will earn three points for every dollar spent on Home Improvement Net Purchases. Home Improvement purchases are purchases classified by the retailer to Visa and MasterCard as being a home supply warehouse store; a lumber building supply store; a glass/paint/wallpaper store; or a hardware store. You will earn one point for every dollar spent on all other Net Purchases, and one point for every dollar in Interest.  This card even has a sweepstakes that is administered by Reader’s Digest. Another bonus of this card is the free tips you will receive in your monthly bills.   We examined the industries top home improvement cards and found the best below:

Compare Home improvement credit cards Pay off your mortgage with credit card

Ways to get free Home Depot or Lowe’s Gift Card?

  • Lending Tree offers incentives with some of their loans
  • Chase Bank has offered Home Depot Gift Cards when opening checking accounts
  • The Chase Home Improvement Rewards Credit Card – you may redeem your points for a Home Depot Gift Card or for special partners like Snap-On
  • Surfer rewards incentive programs for filling out surveys
  • A way to avoid is to not trust any emails you get saying you will get a free card when they request that you log-in with information from a site that you have not seen before

How does the Home Depot Card compare to other cards?
We found that the home depot card is used by many businesses including commercial revolving charge cards, commercial cards, and consumer cards.  These cards offer no payments and no interest for 12 months if your purchase is over $299 and your general benefits of online payments.  There is no real reason to have the Home Depot card when you could carry a card that offers rewards.

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