Marriott Rewards Credit Card vs. Marriott Rewards Premier Credit Card

Many customers of the Marriott hotels have rewards credit cards that can earn them points which they will redeem for membership benefits. While there are two different types of cards that do this for the Marriott customers, many of the owners of these cards do not know exactly how they differ from each other in terms of benefits, points, and status. To remedy this, members need to take a look at both cards and their benefits. The following should help members understand those differences.

For the customer who has a Marriott Rewards® Credit Card, they can earn 30,000 points the first time they use their card. This does not occur every year, but is only for brand new clients. Because the points can be used for various hotels, which have different category ratings, the card holder can use these points for free hotel stays or save them for a better rated hotel or other rewards. For example, a card holder would be able to use 22,500 points to book a category one hotel for a 3 night stay. However, the card holder would have only half of the points they would need for a one night stay in a category 8 hotel.

With the Marriott Rewards Credit Card, the card holder can earn 3 points each time they spend one dollar at any Marriott location. This includes over 3,300 hotels, resorts, and other locations that are affiliated with the Marriott hotels. The card holder can also earn a point for each dollar that they spend on any other items that are bought with this card. That includes everything from groceries to business supplies; however there are some limitations to this benefit. Reading the description on the credit card’s website will give more detailed information about acceptable charges. The card holder will be eligible to receive a ten night credit towards becoming an Elite member. This will increase their status as a card holder to a Silver Elite Member and they will be able to increase their night credits each time they spend $3,000 on the card. The card member is able to earn an additional 15,000 points if they choose to redeem their earned points for a stay of 7 nights in a hotel that is classified as a category 7 or 8.

For new clients of the Marriott hotels who have a Marriott Rewards® Premier Credit Card, they can earn up to seven free nights for opening their account and making a purchase. This can be used toward any reward at any time. The client will also receive an additional free night when their account is approved and then will receive one every year on the anniversary of their approval date. The initial free night stay can be used at a category 1 to 4 hotel while the anniversary night stay can be used at a category 1 to 5 hotel. That choice is the member’s and can be used in conjunction with other earned points, or used on its own.

When the card holder utilized their card at a Marriott location, they will earn 5 points for each dollar they spend. They can also earn two points for each dollar they spend on airfare travel, rental cars, or dining accommodations when they use this card for those purchases. This credit card allows the holder to earn 15 night credits each year, which allows them the Silver Elite classification. Both cards allow the card holder to earn as many points as possible throughout the year. They may use the points when they are needed.