Use a Discover Card to earn more Miles and Free Flights

Ranking the best travel credit cards you must look at not just the free bags you will get on your flights but the bonus miles you can earn. We found one card that gives you 10,000 bonus miles when you make a $2,000 in purchases. We also love the double miles you get on every $1 you spend which is twice as much as most airline cards.

Miles By Discover Card: How Does It Compare?

For the frequent traveler, a credit card that offers airline miles as a reward can be very beneficial. Choosing which rewards card to sign up for can be a tedious undertaking. Consumers need to compare interest rates, fees, and other factors before deciding which card is right for them. Weighing the costs versus the benefits can help make the decision much easier.

This miles earnings credit card from the folks at Discover offers many opportunities for consumers to earn miles on purchases. There is currently no annual fee for the card. The usual earning rate is 1 mile per dollar spent on purchases. For travel related and dining purchases, double miles can be earned (2 miles per dollar spent), up to the first $3,000 in eligible charges.Double miles can also be earned by using the card to make purchases from Discover’s online shopping mall. Once the miles are earned, travel bookings unrestricted.

Another Option: Venture Rewards Credit Card, by Capital One

The Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card also offers consumers a chance to earn airline miles toward future travel. This card has an annual fee of $59, which is waived during the first year. Annual percentage rates on purchases are a bit higher, ranging from 11/9% to 19.9%. At this time there is no introductory APR, for purchases or transfers. If a consumer wishes to transfer a balance, however, no fee will be charged. A current promotion allows cardholders to earn a one time bonus of 25,000 miles, providing $1,000 is spent on card during the first three months the account is open.

The normal earning rate for miles on this card is higher than the Discover card, at two miles per dollar spent. There is no bonus for travel purchases, though. Also, Capital One has the Perk Central Retail Network, where cardholders can earn varying amounts of points per dollar depending on the retailer; up to 17 miles per dollar is possible. Venture Reward miles are also a bit more flexible, as they can be redeemed for items other than airline travel, such as gift cards and car rentals.

These are just two among the many choices consumers have in credit cards that earn miles. There are many other cards available, from various banks. As long as consumers spend the necessary time comparing rates and fees, as well as terms and conditions, they can make an informed decision about the card they wish to obtain. offers a comprehensive tool that compares credit cards by type, credit score, or issuer. Tools like this can make the search much easier.

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