Best Credit Card to use at Nightclubs

When you think of credit cards you normally do not think of what card you want to bring to a nightclub, bar, or tavern.  Your planning ahead on what credit card to bring out with you is very important actually.

Choose a card you can trust with the bartenders
You may leave your card at the club overnight or weeks at a time because you forgot to close your tab.  You want to make sure you leave a card that someone will not see at the front desk or behind the bar and use behind your back.  You want to make sure you bring out a card that is not a debit card and is protected like most major credit cards.  Going drinking on the town with a typical ATM or debit card is dangerous since you are more liable for fraudulent transactions.

Should I bring a credit card out drinking?
Yes, credit cards are safer than cash.  It’s best to carry credit cards so you do not have to worry about your car being broken into or being mugged or loosing your wallet in a drunken state.

Some places are cash only
In some cases you have to open up a minimum tab of $20 but that is easy to reach at most venues.  You may also find out if they take credit cards because some clubs only take cash for the cover or at the bar.

Chose a card with the best rewards or benefits for the nightlife
I have never found a credit card that actually offers rewards for those of us that like to party it up at night or drink for happy hour.  I have found a few credit cards that offer special benefits or VIP exclusives for those that life in the cool lifestyle.

American Express offers the best cards to party with.  The “IN” Cards offer rewards and special perks for those in NYC, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

There are also other cards that feature restaurant cash back or rebates on purchases.  Normally a nightclub or bar will show up as a restaurant so if you find a credit card that offers extra miles or cash back for that category you can have an extra drink or leave a larger tip knowing you will be earning some money back.

Top Cards for the Nightlife

  1. Any Restaurant Rebate card (not fast food)
  2. Discover Open Road 2% on Dining which includes Bars and Nightclubs
  3. Chase Ink Business Cash Rewards Card
  4. RBS Custom Cash (invite only but has a 3% rebate on any category which can be this category
  5. Discover Card – runs promotions for restaurant bonuses which could count as this category on some purchases