Eating Out? Find the best credit cards to use at restaurants

What is the best credit card to use for Dining?

1.  Citi Forward – 5 Reward points per $1 spent at restarants.

2. If you own a business we recommend a good 3% back with the Chase Ink Cash Card on dining expenses up to $1,500 a month.

3. BP Platinum Visa because it comes with a 4% rebate on dining and travel for the first 2 months then 2% after that. The BP Visa also comes with 10% rebate on BP gas purchases the first 2 months. If you dine out a lot then you want to make sure you are part of the Rewards Network signed up through AA or Delta to earn tons of additional bonus points.

4. Another important dining card you may want to check out would be the Diners Club card which was dinersclubacquired by Citi Cards a few years ago. Although, Diners Club has lost some of its benefits compared to most Citibank issued cards.

5. Discover Card – they offer a Get More program where you can earn 5% cash back at restaurants once or twice a year. Keep in mind this is a special promotion and is only offered once or a few times a year.

5. All Cards signed up for Rewards Network – Sign up all of your credit cards for the Dining program called Rewards Network. You can earn AAdvantage miles, Delta Skymiles, or on other airlines programs when you sign up from their website at

6. Cards you can earn points at bars normally earn you rewards at restaurants.

Other cards that have ended include the Chase Profit card that paid you for dining out. This was a special card we were sad to see dropped from Chase Bank.

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