NYC Ride-sharing Price War as low as $5

lyftlineFor a limited time, pay only $5 for Lyft Line rides requested and taken south of 97th Street within Manhattan. Lyft Line matches you with others traveling the same way. Share the ride, pay less. Better yet, with Line your trip price is set from the get-go, and is always less than original Lyft. Even if you don’t match with another passenger, your trip price is set at $5 when you’re riding solo. Bring a friend, and it’s just $1 extra.
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$10 Flat Rate uberPOOL Rides in Manhattan
For a limited time, Uber is offering $10 flat rate rides in Manhattan below 96th St with uberPOOL. Uber competitor Gett has been doing this and they are just now catching up. You may end up sharing a ride with someone but the rate is still $10 even if you ride alone. Let’s hope that Uber reaches its goal of taking 1 million cars off the road in NYC. Other competition includes Lyft Line similar to UberPool but you may wait longer and its more expensive.
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Via is yet another services offering $5 Rides from 110th St to Houston Street from 6:30am to 9pm. This covers most of Manhattan. If you are skilled enough to be a driver you can also get a $1k bonus from Via. This could be an up and coming contender to Uber and Lyft.

Other services in NYC include GETT and Taxi on-demand if you wish to read further to compare them all.