Taxi and Black Car Promo Codes

app-rideshareThe best app inventions ever for the smartphones might just go to the ones that hail a cab, black car, or help carpool. These highly convenient start-ups are offering bonus credits for first-time users. If you live in a big city where they offer more than one of these services than you can get tons of free rides. Here are some promo codes to get a ride on demand in the United States and abroad:

Uber $15 – Hail-a-driver, taxi, black car, minivan, and more with your smartphone. Lots of cities. Get $15 off your first ride via this special link or promo code uberVIP4ME. UberX involves individuals driving their personal cars. The Uber Select or Black Cars are professionals.  This was the first app that I used to call up a black car when it first started in San Francisco then it took awhile but it grew to Dallas and NYC and now it’s a brand all over the world. To get another $20 credit with Uber read here about their latest promotion with Facebook.

Lyft $50 – It started out as a on-demand service where you could get a car to pick you up in a pink-mustached  by a private individual in their private car. Now the mustaches are not as big (mainly stickers on the side) to recognize the car.  They are basically the same as UberX but not in as many cities.  They are also normally more personal and cheaper!  Get $50 off your first rides with promo code DJ462. If you live in a city where they are just starting out, you may also get a bunch of additional free rides for being a “Pioneer” of the app.

Curb $10 – Offering Up to $10 in Free Taxi Rides! Nation’s largest on-demand Taxi app.

Wingz Black Car $10 – Black car on-demand service who recently joined forces with TripIt to help planning even more convenient. No surge, Fixed prices to and from Portland International Airport (PDX), Denver International Airport (DEN), Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), and more. Wingz is definitely cheaper than cabs and more convenient than the hassles of buses and shuttles serving these three airports.
Flywheel – A taxi app that only hires fully licensed, insured and professional drivers similar to Curb. Cities are limited to only San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Sacramento and San Diego. Get $5 off your first ride using code 8QAY7E.

Gett ($10 off)– Black car service in NYC but it offers black taxi service in places such as London. Gett operates in 32 cities throughout the U.K., Russia, and Israel. Get $10 free credit with promo code GTPJRZP. No Surge pricing which means they are fixed regardless of demand, traffic, weather, or time of day. Ride for $14.99 or less anywhere between Houston and 72nd in NYC. Most importantly they have No Cancellation Fee.

Rental Car on Demand
Silvercar – This is an amazing Rental car app with the only choice being a silver Audi A4 that’s fully loaded with no lines, counters, paperwork and hassles. Say goodbye to Budget, Hertz, Enterprise, and Avis. They are currently offering service in 5 of the 6 busiest airport car rental markets in the U.S. (DEN, LAX, MIA, PHX, SFO as well as FTL, AUS, DAL & DFW).  Use promo code LOUNGEBUDDY for a free day on your rental and referral code VME (under profile) to for a $25 bonus. Head over to to sign-up.

With so many services that pick you up on demand there is less and less need for waiting in a taxi line or owning a car. I am on the verge of selling my car and letting these apps pick me up and take me everywhere.

If you live in New York it’s extremely competitive for rideshare vs. Taxi read here for more.

RIP Sidecar: Company Will Cease Rideshare And Delivery Services
“Sidecar allows riders to choose the vehicle, the driver and the price, tailoring every ride for any occasion.” Cities. Sidecar was known to add promotional Trip Token’s that will be dropped in your account to automatically discount the next ride you take that day. The first to offer on demand-rides has now announced that it will end services as of December 31, 2015.

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