PetSmart PetPerks

pet-rewardsMissing your pet while you are shopping, on vacation, or at work? We have the cure. Photos of your most prized house guest can now be right on the cover of something you carry around the most. Not just on your computer screen savers, office picture frames, or iPad backdrops. The Bank of America Pet Rewards Visa provides you with a free picture of your pet on your credit card. Put your pet’s picture on your card or choose from one of three adorable pet designs. Your first photo of your loved animal is free and can be placed on any eligible Bank of America credit card account. Not only does Bank of America have these great pet cards to select from for credit purchases they also have debit cards for your checking or savings accounts with your favorite critters.

HSBC now has a doggie on the MasterCard!

Your kitty’s out of litter. Your bearded dragon’s on his last cricket. Your betta needs a water change. Your fancy mouse’s bedding isn’t looking so fancy. And you’d much rather your puppy had a chew toy more appealing than your new designer boots.

Pets bring joy and companionship to our lives, but they also require commitment. Love is free; care and maintenance, not so much. If you’re the proud owner of a live pet (and we’re pretty sure pet rocks went out of vogue a while ago), you share one thing in common with pet owners around the world: there are times when you have to shop for your furry, feathered or scaled friend. And if one thing’s certain, it’s certain that you’ll have to shop more than once. If you want the best for your pet, but don’t want to break the bank, PetSmart PetPerks is the deal for you.


PetPerks enrollment is convenient and, best of all, free. Complete a few easy steps on a secure online form. Enter basic contact information, and your membership can be activated immediately. PetPerks makes it easy for pet owners on the go by sending email updates on opportunities that are of express interest to you.


If you’ve chosen PetSmart for all of your pet care needs, PetSmart wants to reward your loyalty. Join PetPerks, and the first bonus you’ll enjoy is a hello package packed with coupons you can use now. PetPerks members benefit from members-only discounts on hundreds of products in PetSmart stores. You’ll also be invited to browse exclusive sales, with advance notifications to help you plan your next shopping trip.


Our pets are family members. (Don’t even try and tell us otherwise.) PetSmart shows an interest in your individual pet or pets. Personalize your PetPerks membership with your pet’s name, birthday, “hatch day” or adoption anniversary. Whether you observe the random Tuesday in July when you gave a foster dog a forever home, or commemorate the Valentine’s Day when you bought yourself a school of neon tetras in a fit of self-consolation, PetPerks sends a celebratory message on your animal friend’s special occasion.


Even if you’ve kept turtles for years, had hamsters for eons, or owned fish ever since you won one at the county fair when you were five, if you’re a responsible pet owner, you’ll occasionally have need for continuing education. PetPerks membership gets you access to an online library of handy reading, from articles on care to helpful facts on individual species.

So your parakeet’s not-so-subtly singing for millet. Your chinchilla wants some chow. Your gecko’s giving you the death stare. Your cichlid pair needs his and hers shelters (or there might be a breakup). And your puppy loves her new chew toy, but based on the woeful condition of those new designer boots, she might just need another.

Pets are priceless, but their care’s not free. Ensuring the best for your best friend is a foregone conclusion, but you don’t have to spend a fortune. Join PetSmart PetPerks for timely rewards, competitive discounts, and personalized advantages for you and your most significant mammal, bird, reptile, fish or amphibian.