About Prepaid MasterCards

  • What are prepaid credit cards? Prepaid credit cards are where you deposit money into a credit card to use anywhere master card or visa is accepted. These cards are reloadable meaning once you get to a certain balance you then put funds back into the card.
  • Prepaid Cards mean a planned budget. These cards can help you with your budget planning meaning you can plan ahead and know how much you are going to spend in advance. Similar to budgeting how much money you spend at the grocery store each week you can plan how much you will spend on shopping and recreation purposes.
  • Do Prepaid Cards help you rebuild or establish credit?Yes in some cases there are cards that report to at least one of the credit agencies.They help establish credit for those who have no credit in some cases, and then help you rebuild credit. Rebuilding credit takes time and a small loan or a small credit card balance can help you in the building blocks of getting your credit back to higher scores.
  • Higher APR with a Prepaid Master Card or Visa? Some cards do not have APR, some do. Just depends on what card you apply for. There can be different charges including Monthly charges on some cards but No APR, or high APR and
  • Prepaid Cards keep your money Safe. Prepaid Cards are known to be a way to put money away safer than keeping cash around the house. If your credit is so bad you cannot get a bank account than a prepaid master card would be the way to go to keep that money out of harms way. Also, you are protected from unauthorized purchases in case your card is lost or stolen.
  • Prepaid Credit Cards bring you in touch with shopping online. Have you noticed that every website online seems to ask for your credit card number? Websites like Ebay, Amazon, and Overstock.com all ask for your Paypalor credit card information. If you cannot get a regular credit card then you can use a prepaid card to shop online to get the best deals. Benefits of shopping online are tax free websites out of your state, being able to get things shipped to your home, and the ease and convience of pointing and clicking on the products or services that you want!

Types of Prepaid Cards

  1. Prepaid Catalog Cards: We offer Prepaid Catalog Cards such as All American Gold, USA Gold,
  2. Bad Credit Prepaid Cards to rebuild or establish credit
  3. Prepaid Phone Cards & Calling Cards – Try our AT&T Master Card that you can use as a calling card and credit card at the same time!
  4. Stored Cards: companies including Wired Plastic who provide convenience and purchasing power of Master Card, along with automatic bill payment, multiple loading options, and no credit checks. No credit line is extended and no security deposit is required to enroll.
  5. Prepaid Gift Cards: Cards that do not report to credit beauros, but you can use to buy things in the future or give as gifts
  6. Debit Cards: known as bank cards or ATM cards can be used to debit money out of your checking or savings account. Some banks charge a fee for using the card but we do list banks that let you use debit cards free with a checking account.
  7. Prepaid Phone Cards: Phone companies send out opportunities for phone cards all the time to your mailbox where you can keep from getting in over your head in phone bills and sometimes talk cheaper than on a regular landline or cell phone if you are calling internationally per minute, although with the conveinence there are fees for connecting.
  8. Payroll Card: A payroll card looks like a credit card and normally carries a Visa or Master Card logo and works like a debit card. The employer deposits money in an account linked to the card. The employee who has the payroll card can then use the card for ATM withdrawals or purchases.
  9. Restaurant Cards to Dine Out – A great treat for hard working employees from employers or birthday gifts.
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Popular Prepaid Cards:

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Rush Card Visa – from Russell Simmons of the hip hop music community, made a card to help people manage their money better and without all the cash advance fees.

Mango Prepaid offer

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