Online Tool To Quickly Build your Entire International Trip itinerary

tripplanningvamoA travel agent can book all your hotels and flights for you,but with this online tool called Vamo you can save a ton of time and money planning your trip. Mainly because the travel agents normally book trips that that cost twice the amount you may find yourself since they are paid bonuses on some trips.

When heading over to Barcelona or places such as Amsterdam planning a trip can be daunting. International trips where you need to book flights, hotels plus research whether to take public transportation such as buses or tubes or taxi. Plus finding out the order of the places to visit, When to visit, and again most importantly the best mode of transportation. Vamo gives people hope in finding the perfect itinerary without spending weeks trying to plan the perfect trip.

Try Vamo and search and build your own International itinerary with multi-city transportation, hotels, and airfare. Update: Vamo has been purchased by AirBnb so look for them to be integrated into their product soon. If you book now you can earn up to $50 on your trip as a bonus.

All you have to do is enter the cities or places you’re interested in visiting and the site picks the best flights in terms of price, time in transit, and layovers to get you to and from each city. It also digs up the best mid-range hotels based on price, TripAdvisor rating, star rating, and location and the number of days to spend in each city and in which order. This is simply an amazing algorithm for travel I’ve dreamed about when booking complicated travel to Europe.

Vamo recommends their best route in terms of flights, but also offers options like cheapest or shortest routes for those that think the recommended one is too expensive or long. The site also offers details such as top experiences and recommended number of days for each destination, best time to visit in terms of temperatures and rain and links to reviews on TripAdvisor and details on Wikivoyage. You can rearrange your route by moving your days to more or less so its highly flexible.

Vamo gives the highest average estimated cost for transportation and takes you to Rome2Rio for more information on the route. Vamo makes it cheaper and easy to build an entire trip itinerary when traveling abroad and we highly recommend it.

One example is if you do a search for Trip to Rome, Florence, Venice. Rome_Florence_Venice_VamoIt will tell you Top Rome experiences (and all the other multi-city stops it includes)Rome Experiences_Vamo, How long to stay in Rome (or each multi-city you select),Trip_to_Rome_How long to stay When to go to Rome:
when to visit rome Things to Know before you go to Rome, Recommendations of to stay in Rome, How to get around in Rome such as the Metro, and more useful data at your to get around in rome metro