Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Miles Earning Program Information

southwestairlinesrewardsfriendsRapid Rewards Current Promotions:
Southwest Rapid Rewards is offering a referral program that allows new members to get 250 bonus points and current members to get up to 2,000 bonus points. If you are not yet a Rapid Rewards member you can use this promotion to sign up and receive 250 bonus points.

How To Receive 250 Bonus Rapid Rewards Points
1. Enroll here for the Rapid Rewards program
2. Make sure that the code 43082140 in the “Promotion Code” field in the bottom section of the enrollment process page is there for the 250 point bonus.

Free Alcoholic Drinks on Southwest Airlines
Did you know?!? Anyone of age who is flying on Southwest Airlines can get a free alcoholic drink on Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, New Year’s Day, Father’s Day, and other special days throughout the year. This is one free drink per customer for anyone of age flying on Southwest Airlines (not just mothers or fathers).
List of Free Drink Days on Southwest Airlines:
January 1st – New Year’s Day
February 14th – Valentine’s Day
March 17th – St. Patrick’s Day
May 10th – Mother’s Day
May 25th – Memorial Day
June 18th – Southwest Airlines Birthday
June 21st – Father’s Day

Earn 50,000 Personal Rapid Rewards points bonus or up to 60,000 bonus for a business. Learn more about the

Updated Southwest Airlines Visa Card.

How to Earn a Companion Pass on Southwest Airlines:

One really, really cheap way to fly Southwest Airlines is to earn a companion pass each year. Which is pretty simple to do just by applying for two credit cards and doing some spending on those cards.

  • If you’re going for the Companion Pass you should wait until the beginning of the year to start the process.
  • You need to earn 110,000 points very early in a calendar year.
  • When you get to 110k points your Southwest flight (paid or points) means a free companion flight.
  • You can earn it from flying to rack up the miles yearly or combine that with Southwest credit cards and a little spending. The two cards could be Personal, Business, or a combination of the two.
  • It must be a Southwest Airlines branded card to earn towards a companion pass and cannot be transferred points from Ultimate Rewards or another program.

Background on the Rapid Rewards Program:

The Southwest Airlines branded credit card is formerly called the Rapid Rewards Visa card now offers new value for frequent flyers of this airline. With 19,200 Reward Dollars or 16 credits you then receive a roundtrip Award which can be compared to the 25,000 miles required by other airline credit cards. The redesigned Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card from Chase is the absolute best way to get free flights and seat upgrades. Every anniversary of your card membership you’ll earn 3,000 rewards points. Your bags even get to fly free with Southwest!

In comparison, the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Visa card gives you a two free roundtrip Awards faster than most programs but still does not give you the ease of most of the other credit cards we offer. The annual fee is low with the Southwest Card versus other airline cards but still is something you should not have to pay but this offer is an exception to the rule. Paying a simple annual fee and scoring two free flights is not such a bad thing in this case.

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card Review

If you spend a lot of time flying, it is nice when you can find a way to fly free occasionally. Now you can do that with a Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Credit Card. You can earn credits every time you fly, but there are other ways to earn them as well.

Earn Awards

You don’t have to do anything but fly to earn reward points that will help you reach your goal of a free flight. Eight round trips in two years time will give you 16 points, and you only need 16 points to qualify for a free regular flight to any location where Southwest planes go.

Choose a Business Select fare, and your points will double if you fly more than 750 miles in one trip. Even if you fly fewer miles, your points will increase with 1/4 extra credit. Either way, you will receive the Business Select benefits of security lane access, priority seating and a premium beverage coupon when you fly.

If you have already made your online reservation, you can still sign up for the Rapid Rewards program. You will get two points when you enroll, and if you choose the option to receive emails from Southwest, you will get two extra points.

Just use your account number whenever you book a flight or rent a car or hotel room from one of Southwest’s Preferred Partners. Many restaurants and retail shops are also Preferred Partners, and using your rewards account number when patronizing them will add more points to your account. You can even ask to receive credit for a past purchase, rental or reservation by providing proof of the transaction.

When you use the Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards credit card from Chase, you will get credits whenever you make purchases or transfer a balance to the card, and after you use the card for a purchase the first time, you will get 16 credits as a bonus.

Redeem Awards

After earning sixteen credits in two years or less, the standard award entitling you to a free flight will be entered into your account, and if you have two of these awards, you have the option of exchanging them to get one Freedom Award. The expiration date of your Freedom Award will coincide with the expiration date of the first regular award used for acquiring it. However, you can pay a $50. fee to change the expiration date of the Freedom Award to one year from the date of the exchange. After the exchange, you cannot switch the Freedom Award back to two Standard Awards, so consider all the details before making the transfer.

You can even share Awards with someone else if you like. After getting your friend’s travel information, you can easily transfer your Awards to someone else online or by phoning Customer Support Services.

Additional Benefits

If you fly one-way at least 32 times in one year, you become eligible for the special A-List with some great benefits. Earn at least 100 credits in one year, and you can get a Companion Pass. With that pass, a person that you select can fly with you free of charge for one year. If you are a member of the Rapid Rewards A-List and reserve a flight at least 36 hours in advance, you receive the best boarding pass number that is available. You can also have access to the Fly By Priority Lane at security check points and select ticket counters. These reserved boarding benefits will last for one year.

Whether you enjoy flying or fly because of necessity, you can’t beat the Rapid Rewards program that Southwest Airlines offers. You will receive a great value and many benefits if you enroll, and you can even share the benefits with a companion if you like.

The offer on our site has ended but the offer in general has NOT ended. You can still obtain the card via searching for this online.

Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards News & Tips
  • Southwest has promos coming for double points for those traveling to/from Wichita and Atlanta, and Houston to Boston or LaGuradia. The Houston routes will give double points from June 16, 2013 – August 31, 2013.
  • You only need 16 Rapid Rewards Credits to earn a free flight with the Southwest rewards program and now that is extended to two years before they expire but be careful of booking on a flight with too many redemptions because they now have a limit on the amount of passengers flying for free on a flight.
  • Stay tuned for more exciting announcements with Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Program.
  • If you are a small business owner they also offer a business
  • If you are a member of the Chase Sapphire or these business cards you can now transfer 1:1 to Southwest Rapid Rewards program.

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