Save 6% for 3 months on Fuel Charges

It takes lots of good perks for credit cards to impress me but when you save money on something you spend the most of that does it automatically. For instance, a credit card from First National Bank of Omaha where you save 6% on gas purchases for 3 months. You can live anywhere in the US to own this card and you should carry it in your wallet if you have already tried 6% promo offer gas cards. After the 6% cash back you go down a few percentages to 3% on all gas you buy and of course the 1% you get back on everything else that is not considered fuel.

How can you save the most with promo offer gas cards? First apply for this card below for 3 months to get the maximum six percent rebate. Then select another banks’ card where you get the same promo and use it for 3 months. Wash and rinse. You have now saved hundreds in gas if you do this right and made the credit card companies happy you are using their cards instead of the retail owned Conoco or Texaco cards.

The great thing about his card is that you can own any car, goto any gas pump, and travel to any US city and get the impressive gas savings. You do not have to drive across town to a gas station that bears a certain brand name and waste gas in the process. You no longer have to get into a wreck trying to cross the street to the gas station that costs most because you hold the competitions gas card. You just goto the gas station that you are near and fill up and save immediately on your statement each month.

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