Sam’s Club Now Accepting MasterCard

Attention all Sam’s Club shoppers!  Sam’s Club for its first time has changed its credit card policy of only accepting Discover credit cards to accepting MasterCard.  Not only are they accepting MasterCard’s in a discreet or quiet way but it’s a big event when you see huge banners placed all over the wholesale club and outside in some locations advertising MasterCard.  I wonder what the rate negotiation came out to be between Sam’s and MasterCard that Visa or American Express could not offer.  This makes all the more reason to buy the MasterCard stock since their IPO back in 2006.

The Wholesale clubs are known for taking only one credit card. CostCo takes American Express and Sam’s was known to only take Discover or any debit card.

We are excited that we can now use MasterCard in Sam’s Club even though there are some benefits of using a Discover Card.  One Discover Card benefit is the up to $60 of interest free, fee-free cash you can withdraw at the register.  There are also some other rewards benefits.

To celebrate more choice at Sams’ Club locations we have put together a list of the three best MasterCard’s to use to earn rewards for your business or personal:

1. Citi PremierPass – earn miles while shopping at Sam’s

2. Citi Dividend Card – earn a FULL 1% back at Sam’s (which is more than you will earn with Discover of the up to 1% option)

3. Business MasterCards – choose from the CitiBusiness MasterCard or American Airlines miles earning card

Sorry for the mention of all Citibank branded MasterCards. If you would like to try another MasterCard at Sam’s besides a Citi card we recommend the HSBC MasterCard where you can earn cash back as well.