Sears Master Card

When applying for a department store credit card, it’s important to find one with reward programs, low interest rates, and no or low annual fees. If your department store credit card doesn’t offer these features, you might want to consider consolidating your credit card debt or switching to a better card. If you’re looking for an exceptional department store card, the Sears Gold MasterCard is an excellent choice.

The Sears Gold MasterCard comes with an exclusive program called “Sears Choice Rewards.” With this program, you earn points for every dollar you spend. You can redeem these points for vacation packages, airline tickets, Sears’ gift certificates, and cruises among other things. You can reap the rewards of this card after earning just 2,500 points.

The “Choice Rewards” program provides you with a world of amazing discounts and gifts. It takes just 5,000 points to earn a $50 gift certificate from Lands End, a $40 gift certificate to the Olive Garden or Chili’s, or $40 Barnes and Noble gift card. Earn 10,000 miles, and redeem them for a $100 Shell Fuel gift card or a $120 gift certificate to Sears or Lands End. Airfare starts at around 25,000 miles for round-trip tickets.

There are some restrictions on “Choice Rewards” from Sears. For example, you can only earn 60,000 points per year. You can check your point balance online to find out how close you are to earning a reward. Some reward points expire, so it’s important to check for expiration dates on gift cards and gift certificates.

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