Alaska Airlines

he primary hub for Alaska Airlines is Seattle-Tacoma Airport. The secondary hubs include Portland, Los Angeles, and San Jose. The Seattle based airline blankets the West Coast, Alaska to Mexico, plus Hawaii and 16 important destinations in the Midwest and on the East Coast. Alaska Airlines has no alliances, but has partnerships with 15 lines, including Air France/KLM, American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Korean Air, LAN Airlines, Qantas, and several smaller lines.

Get 25,000 Bonus Miles with the Alaska Airlines Card

The Bank of America Alaska Airlines credit card is a good card for those that spend lots of time flying on the west coast.  The annual fee scares most people away from this card since you really do not get that many miles starting out like you do with other airlines miles cards.  We do not recommend the Alaska Airlines Credit Card unless they can take away the steep annual fee. Although, The Alaska Airlines Visa® Signature offers consumers 25,000 bonus miles just for getting approved unlike most airline cards that make you wait until the first purchase. Miles from the Alaska Airlines Card do not expire as long as the frequent flyer account is active during a 3 year period.

Earn More Mileage Plan Miles

Now using Alaska Airlines Visa, we can earn more mileage plan points or miles that can be accumulated for free travel to any destination of our choice. By traveling frequently, you can get bonuses in terms of mileage miles or points earned per travel that you can save up for a well deserving free trip by Alaska Airlines. There are not many credit cards that team up with the airlines to come out with this great idea of both rewarding the frequent traveler while getting points earn for your credit cards.

Redeem for Other Gifts

You can also use the Alaska Airlines Visa to redeem for other gifts like an iPod, iPhone, LCD monitor, branded pens, household items, camping items plus a whole lot of other stuffs that you can pick and choose. This is a way to say thank you to the loyal credit card users and who maintain accounts with Alaska Airlines Visa of the particular bank.

Way to Extend Your Credit

If you are short of cash, why approach the loan sharks when you can extend your credit with Visa cards? There will be a certain percentage charged that’s higher than the bank, but then it is so easy to borrow money in this economic upheaval with the credit card. As many people are jobless, many will need to borrow some immediate cash that can be extended with Alaska Airlines Visa.

Get to See the World for Free

By using Alaska Airlines Visa, you get to see the world for free by using your mileage points that are accumulated as a reward to the frequent traveler. You get to expand your horizons and experience other cultures and see different scenery in the various places of interests. Traveling is a form of hobby for the well heeled and wealthy. But now even the average income earners who owns an Alaska Airlines Visa is able to travel to different places by accumulating mileage points and see the world for free. That is why it is worthwhile to check this ubiquitous Visa card and sign up for the credit card plan. Who knows, you could be traveling by air in a few months time.

Mileage Plan Basics for People Not Familiar

Basically, mileage plan is a feature that allows the frequent traveler to collect miles or points depending on the distance of air traveled for each trip. They can then accumulate enough points with a few more trips to get a free trip to any destination of their choice as far as the points accumulated allow. This is a nifty way to reward the frequent flyers and to say thank you for staying faithful with one airline and not trying out other airlines for the various prices.

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