Credit Card Application pointers

There are a few ways to apply for a credit card.  You can apply at the bank in person or online at a secure website.  This site links to many credit card offers that can get you into a nice credit to spend or just have for emergencies.

First, you must pick which credit card you want out of hundreds.  You must decide between rewards offers, 0% interest, and other selections.  This article may help you decide.

When you apply for a credit card online you have your information available near the computer or up at the bank where you apply.  A few simple questions asked will be your current employer, employers phone number, how long you have worked for the company, your current (and maybe past addresses) and how long you have lived at those addresses.  You may also be asked balance transfer questions so have those account numbers handy so it will speed up the application process.  If you wish to have siblings or other people use your credit cards then make sure you have their information available.

If you plan on making a larger income than the previous year then put down that estimated income.  I would always round my income higher when you apply to help secure a higher limit card.  I would not put down an enormous income that the credit card company would frown on and think you are pulling a big one on them.  I do notice though that most people do not put down a very high amount when applying.  It might help to have last year’s tax records and round that up when you apply.

There will also be other questions in the application process that have nothing to do with your card.  The card issuer will ask you to join a program for if you loose your job or if you can’t make payments. Immediately opt out of any service that costs extra.

Can I apply for two or three cards at once?
I would advise against that.  I would wait a month or two before you apply for another card so it does not go on your credit score negatively.

Should I apply online or from an advertisement I received in the mail?
It is much easier and secure to apply online.  I prefer applying online because I dislike writing and my handwriting is sloppy.  I enjoy the convenience of typing things online when I submit the information.  It is also faster online because you normally get an instant response and do not have to wait weeks for an approved or rejection letter.

Is it secure to apply online?
It could also be more secure online if you make sure the site says “https://” at the top of the actual application page where you are submitting the information on the web.   If you apply in the mail then someone could get the reply letter out of your mailbox or someone could get your information if the mail is somehow lost.  You run about the same amount of risk anywhere you apply so why not online where it is faster and simpler.