Which rebate card should I choose?

When asking yourself what rebate card is best for you we would advise you to look into things like your income levels, spending habits, travel plans, and activities you enjoy. There is a card for everyone out there. There are cards for those who are in special organizations, cash rebate cards, lower interest rebate cards, and reward points cards and so on…

If you are someone that is more focused on shopping at non-specific malls, department stores, grocery stores, and retailers then you may want a cash back card that offers you a full 1% reward everywhere you shop. These cards do not limit you to where you can shop and you can earn rebates, points, or miles. They are also the easiest type of card to have so you do not have to have your wallet bogged down with a different card for each individual company. Even if you do have company or service specific credit cards we recommend you choose a card you can use anywhere like the HSBC Rewards Card .

Are you a Frequent Flyer or someone who travels a lot? Hands down you should be carrying a fee or no fee travel related card varying from hotel chain credit cards to those like the American AAdvantage Card.

Are you using the card to earn business points? Then its time to sign up for an Advanta, Capital One, or Citibank Business Card. There are also cards more retailer specific for businesses like the Staples, Office Depot, and Office Max cards and then the warehouse cards involving the Sam’s Club line of credit and Costco American Express.

Are you in the market for a new ride? Then there are cards like the GM Card, Subaru MasterCard, and BMW MasterCard where you can earn amounts like 5% towards your purchase of a new car. Just be sure that you are really loyal to that car company before you earn thousands of points towards a car and decide you would rather have a cash rebate card instead where you can spend it on anything.

Saving for college? There are cards like UPromise programs that will allow you to save for your childs’ education or your own.

Want to be Elite? Cards like the IN:NYC from American Express and cards like the Black Card from American Express offer such things as parties and special events. The Citi Cards are now offering backstage and pre-sell offers with Live Nation.

Walgreens preferred customer? There are cards like the AT&T Universal that gives you back a straight 5% at drugstores and supermarkets like CVS and Safeway.

Have a family you want to impress? or you could be an amusement park nut and focus your spending towards Disney Vacations or Six Flags Theme parks.

If you are a member of an organization like an alumni or charity you could carry a card that earns back money to help them out. We recommend these cards for those who have money to give rather than be able to save for themselves. It is a great feeling of course to give to someone and yet not really have to give from your own cash pile. Let the credit card company donate to the recent Japan Tsunami Earthquake funds or help out with organizations such as Breast Cancer Awareness.

Some of us are not big fans of the large, corporate banks and wish to deal with a smaller and more personalized credit card program. Among the smaller banks and credit unions there is an endless variety of rewards programs to choose from and you can find new ways to save by searching them online or just driving around. One bank the First National Bank is a fairly large bank but it looks small in comparison to the big players you see in every Walgreens and CVS. If that is not enough you might be able to win big by a card that enters you into a contest every swipe. Enter a Sweepstakes every time you charge your credit card with the American Dream Card.

If you are a senior you may want to search around for AARP deals or even Senior Savings. There is a credit card out there for everyone and the discounts for people over 55 or 65 do not end with just checking accounts.

Write to us and let us help you decide on a credit card if you really cannot select. Tell us where you shop the most, how often you pay off your credit cards (if every month in full balance), and any other information you think will help and we will be glad to find you the best card for your needs.