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MBNA is one of the most popular credit card brands in Canada.  Canadian folk love their reward points with our personal interests, sports, and cards that show their mascots and red color.  Many of the cards from MBNA offer rewards and even touch on some cards where you can show your CFL (Canadian Football League) love.  But why show love to a logo when you can make money off your purchases.

MBNA is known for their WorldPoints program in Canada.  This WorldPoints card comes with a $29 annual fee and gives you the same cash back as their PremierRewards card so we recommend the latter.  The PremierRewards are credited to your statement automatically and there is no need to pay a annual fee.  We will only list the card we think is the best because we have limited space for top offers only!

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Best Western offers a superb hotel savings card – Check it out! Depending on which hotels you like to travel with you may also enjoy the amentities of theStarwood Preferred Guest hotels chain MasterCard.

If you are still wishing for more hassle?  If you wish to have a card with more hassle we suggest the WorldPoints card where you have to not only pay an annual fee but go through a redemption process.  To redeem points you must goto

To be fully addressed in Canada credit cards lets introduce you to the American Express and MasterCard versions for Canadians.

We are pleased to announce the latest reward credit cards from American Express for Canadian Residents. We now offer a total of four cards from American Express Canada. Until recently, it was hard to find Canadian credit cards online (especially online applications that you did not have mail in). Now we got to find the best Canada credit cards and could not find a better one than the one from Air Canada and American Express for the AeroplanPlus Card. Not only can you book Air Canada flights but you can also book Star Alliance partner flights being an Aeroplan rewards card holder. View this page in the French language.

Canadians concerned for the environment

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PremierRewards® MasterCard® Credit Card mbna-canada-premier
  • 1% back on all net retail purchases*
  • No Annual Fee
  • 19.99% Annual Interest Rate on Purchases and 19.99% Annual Interest Rate on Cash Advances
  • Around-the-clock fraud protection
  • Online access to your credit card account
  • Unparalleled 24-hour Customer service
  • Immediate cash access at 430,000 ATMs internationally


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