Can I Get a Chase Credit Card in Cities that Do Not Have Chase Banks?

no-Chase-branch-on-hwy50According to a 2009 New York Times article, JPMorgan Chase led the list as one of the world’s strongest banks ever in terms of capital strength. Clients that desire to open a credit card with Chase bank will find numerous perks and benefits available, including no annual fees, no foreign transaction charges, cash back and points for travel and accommodations. Many clients, in areas where Chase is not supported, are wondering whether they can also take advantage of these phenomenal deals.

Luckily, Chase allows customers to apply for credit approval online. Once the application is submitted, it will be reviewed. Someone will contact you to determine your eligibility for the credit card. Before you apply, Chase will ask that you meet certain criteria before filling out an application. The questions will most often relate to bankruptcies, delinquencies, charge offs or previous credit denials.

With a Chase credit card, there is little need to physically visit a bank. The credit card will be mailed to you shortly after approval, so there is little need to physically enter the bank. Customers in areas without a Chase branch may take full advantage of the perks offered on the credit cards. Bills may be paid online, as well as, by phone. Therefore, clients may conduct all of their business without entering a physical bank.

For instance, a customer may reside in South Carolina. There is no Chase bank located in South Carolina; however, the consumer may go online to and complete an application. They would be contacted by phone, email or mail for approval. The card would be mailed to the address on file.

The process is that simple. Credit card applicants will have the ability to use their Chase credit cards in any state. The only reason why a Chase customer in South Carolina may be at a disadvantage with Chase credit cards is if they desire a cash advance. The fees from Chase ATMs or banks may be cheaper for cash advances.

Other Locations Where Chase Branches are Not Located

Chase is not located in the following locations domestically: Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, New Mexico, Montana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Arkansas, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Minnesota, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Chase or an affiliate is located in major areas abroad. Chase will recognize the use of any ATM with the Visa logo. Some countries abroad will not have a Chase affiliate bank.

If you are located in any one of these locations, you may apply for any of the following major credit cards that Chase offers its customers: Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Slate, Chase Freedom, Hyatt Credit Card, Chase Southwest, Chase Priority Club, Chase United Mileage Plus Explorer, Chase Continental Presidential Plus and countless others. Each of these cards may be obtained through Chase’s website by qualifying customers.

Chase makes the process convenient so that people in any location make take advantage of their generous offer. Clients may contact the bank directly to check on their application via online chat or by phone. The process is simple and straightforward. Any additional information regarding identification will be communicated via email or by phone.

If you want a Chase credit card, you can still obtain a card in a location without any Chase branches. The inconvenience would be no different than using the card while traveling in a location that has no Chase branches. Simply look on the website for more information regarding this matter.