Student Frequent Flyer Miles

You always see credit cards for the older generation that give out free miles but now there is finally a card geared to college-aged students. You can earn air miles from the largest Airline in America with one of the best frequent flyerprograms. You just have to get past the strange name for this credit card. Citi normally has so many trademark symbols in the name its easy to get confused to what the real name of the card actually is. Maybe too much red tape for students to deal with just in the name but it is supposed to be a great card to rack up some miles.

Something you get with this student card that your parents will not get is a no-annual fee card. This card has no yearly fee and no minimum income required. This card is a great card for students who are looking to get more out of their purchases. This is absolutely a great credit offer for first time applicants.

Official Name:Citi® Bronze® / AAdvantage® Card for College Students

Citi Cards require this long official card name so let’s translate this highly lengthy name: A Credit Card for College Students that earns AAdvantage Miles.

  • No annual fee for your card and free membership in the American Airlines Aadvantage® program.
  • Earn 1 AAdvantage® mile for every $2 you spend on purchases – up to 25,000 miles per year.
  • Redeem AAdvantage® miles with over 20 of the world’s top airlines, major car rental companies and hundreds of luxurious hotels worldwide.
  • No minimum income or cosigner required