First Bag Checked Free and $50 back with the Continental Airlines OnePass Plus Card

The airlines are heating up again for the best credit card and this card is certainly in the running. Chase is bringing out the OnePass card for us to bring to the Mall for Holiday Shopping and thus earn travel for the year ahead. At least that should be your game plan. Continental Airlines based in Houston, TX runs the OnePass program and not only do they have the newest planes but they also offer some great amenities with this card. So how about them checked bag fees you can save with this credit card?

Chase Bank and Continental Airlines have teamed up to offer an interesting and fairly impressive airlines rewards credit card. This new credit card is

known as the Continental Airlines OnePass® Plus Card. Details for this new airlines reward credit card brought to the market by Chase, as well as some interesting information on the OnePass program, are offered in the following review.

There are many advantages to this airlines reward card and a few downsides as well. The main downsides center on the lack of an introductory promotional interest rate as well as the permanent interest rate that the card includes. Many alternative airline rewards programs start new members with a six month promotional rate that adjusts at the end of this time frame. The Continental Airlines OnePass® Plus Card also comes with a fairly high standard interest rate of 14.24% for purchases and balance transfers, and 19.24% for cash advances. Both of these rates will vary with the prime rate, which means as national interest rates rise to more normal levels, then this rate will also go up lockstep. Also, the card comes with an annual fee.

Those downsides noted, the card has many terrific features to recommend itself, particularly for those who do a good deal of traveling with Continental Airlines. While there is an annual fee for the card of $85, this is waived the first year. An enrollment bonus of forty thousand miles starts the account off well on its way to the first redeemable reward. This gets better with the first purchase made using the card. Another twenty-five thousand bonus miles are awarded at this time, bringing the new members up to enough miles for a round trip flight reward inside the continental United States. Another five thousand bonus miles can be had by adding on an authorized user to the card, and still another ten thousand bonus miles a year are given out if the user spends $25,000 using the credit card. For regular purchases, users accrue two miles with every dollar spent on Continental Airlines purchases using the card, as well as another mile for every other dollar of purchases made with the card.

Some other benefits are featured with this Continental Airlines credit card also. It allows for the first checked bag for the user and all traveling companions on the reservation to be checked at no charge. It also provides two discounted travel certificates for the users on the card member anniversary date.

Naturally, a signature program tied into this card is the One Pass Latin Travel benefit. This Continental Airlines program allows members to earn bonus miles, free passes to the President’s Club, and upgrades. They offer several unique packages. Among these are the Executive Collection and Premium Collection.

The Executive Collection is normally available for purchase at $99 plus tax. It includes a variety of nice benefits such as 7,500 bonus miles, $99 one way or $199 round trip companion tickets good from the U.S. to Latin America, two complimentary upgrades to Business Class or First Class on the airline, a $100 off travel discount certificate between the U.S. and Latin America, and a variety of other discounts with partners like car rental companies and hotels.

The Premium Collection of the Latin One Pass program is typically available to buy at $199 plus tax. It adds several other benefits to the Executive Collection perks. These include First Class check in, priority wait listing, twenty-five percent bonus miles on all flights, priority boarding, free Silver Elite Membership, confirmed automated Elite upgrades on both Continental and Copa Airlines, and other benefits.

All in all, this is a card that recommends itself to fans of frequent flier miles credit cards. Though it does not offer a promotional interest rate or discount interest rate to new members, the card from Chase and Continental Airlines does waive the fee for the first year. The many bonus miles that they give out also provide new members with a round trip reward at the beginning of the card membership.

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