Fidelity Investments 2% Credit Card

The new Fidelity Investments card partnered with FIA Card Services and American Express is much more attractive than ever. You now can earn 2 points for every dollar in net retail purchases charged to the card which comes to a 2% cash back.

It comes with no annual fee which is a rarity with 2% cash back cards. The rewards can be turned into a deposit to your designated eligible Fidelity account. For every $2,500 in purchases you make, $50 can be automatically deposited into your a Fidelity account. You can also enjoy the flexibility to redeem points into other Fidelity accounts.

The new card allows with another option if you do not wish to sweep them into a brokerage account. You can now redeem your points for WorldPoints rewards. The WorldPoints program is flexible enough so that you can choose the reward of airline travel, merchandise, gift certificates, cash, and travel. Although if you use Worldpoints we warn you you will not get the full 2% back when it comes to redemption value.

The Fidelity American Express Card comes as great competiton to the Schwab or the Household 2% Cash Back cards. If you own a business you may also like the Capital One Spark Cash Business Credit Card. It also has a 2% back which is unlimited.

Attention all day traders, options traders, and anyone who enjoys the stock market. The Fidelity credit card is not the only broker card on the market. There is theMerrill Lynch card and the E*Trade credit card. This is our favorite broker credit card because it gives you the choice to redeem in your Fidelity brokerage account or redeem points for travel or a gift card. The Fidelity Investment Visa is a great way to add money into your brokerage account without having to put aside money every month. Everyone should have a retirement account set-up that has a credit card or a bank account that automatically transfers each pay period unless it is already taken out of your paycheck. A credit card that invests in your future could make you more than the 1% investment in the long term and get you more involved in the stock market. This means you could turn the 1% earned from the Fidelity Investment credit card to a 8% or 20% growth rate depending on how you invest your money. This credit card from Fidelity is from FIA Card Services and is part of the Worldpoints redemption program.

Here’s what the old card offered:

Fidelity Investments Rewards Visa Signature® Card with WorldPoints™ Rewards
Card Description Custom Visa Signature
  • Earn one Point for every dollar spent in net retail purchases.
  • Points can be redeemed as a deposit into your eligible Fidelity Account; or redeem your Points for travel, merchandise and more.
  • 0% Introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on balance transfers and cash advance checks through your first 12 billing cycles.
  • No Annual Fee.