H&R Block Prepaid Card May help against High Check Cashing Fees

Tax season can have lots of hassles but H&R Block developed a refund alternative card that works similar to a debit card if you do not want to deal with a check.  While this can save you on high check cashing expenses it may also rack up fees from this card if you do not look at the terms carefully.

The H&R Block Prepaid Card is a convenient way to get your federal refund because you can use it as easily as a debit card but it does come with its fees.  The most common source of fees is when using an ATM and when making a purchase. Each of these transactions incurs a $1 fee. If you use the swipe and sign, there is no fee for making a purchase.

There are three different cards to choose from:  The H&R Block Visa® Prepaid card is issued in an H&R Block tax office and does not have a name embossed on it. You can upgrade to an H&R Block Preferred Visa® Prepaid card that is personalized with your name for a $10 fee. If you have direct deposit that fee is waived. The H&R Block Refund Visa® Prepaid Card issued is the card you receive if you did your taxes online. All three cards are backed by Visa®.

The H&R Block Visa® Prepaid Card is prepaid and you spend only the amount of funds you place on your card. No bank account is needed, no credit checks, and no employment verification hassles. It works like a credit card and can be used at ATMs and retail stores worldwide but no interest.  You may also be able to view your account activity online.

How can I obtain cash from my H&R Block Prepaid Card?

You can visit any ATM displaying the Visa®, STAR® or NYCE® symbols and make a cash withdrawal. There is a withdrawal limit of $1000 per day. For a fee of $15, you can go to any bank and request a check for the amount of funds you want from your card.

Should I choose paper or online billing with credit cards?

In regards to paying taxes you may want to consider both. It is always nice to have a paper copy in case the IRS wants to look over your statements.

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