On-Demand Driver Bonus: $2,000 Orange County, $1,500 Seattle, $5,000 Los Angeles

The On-Demand driver bonuses see a sharp increase from time to time and now is the time to pull the trigger with Lyft. New drivers get $2,000 in Orange County (OC) and $1,500 in Seattle. The best bonus is for $5,000 in Los Angeles which lasted for short time earlier this year. A $5,000 bonus should be an incentive for anyone to work for Lyft even if you already drive for other on-demand services.

Sign Up Today As A Lyft Driver:
1. SIGN UP HERE! To Become A New Lyft Driver and Qualify for A Bonus.
2. Make sure to get approved within 30 days of starting your application with a background check, mentor ride, etc.
3. Complete all your rides within 30 days after being approved as a Lyft driver

There are extra requirements for some of these cities such as Los Angeles you need to make 1,000 rides in 90 days. That would be a challenge for some doing this part-time in L.A. as it is around eleven rides a day. In Orange County you need 500 rides in 60 days. In Seattle you need just 500 rides in 60 days.

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