Capital One Orbitz Visa

Orbitz is one of the first travel sites to benefit fliers by comparing airlines and hotels to save lots of money. This comparing of airlines and hotels benefited travelers because it showed us the cheapest method of travel and what brand to choose. Comparing each airline, hotel, and rental car company saved Americans millions of dollars without having to depend on a travel agency or the company directly where we could get no comparison at all in some cases. Orbitz also paved the way for sites such as to show other airlines on their site when their rates were cheaper. The only downside to Orbitz is that some rewards programs only allow you to get miles or points if you book directly with them and will not count the cheaper rates on Orbitz as a stay towards elite or towards free stays. Their is another way to get back money for your bookings on, by simply applying for a Visa Card where you can earn 3 points per dollar spent.

We found that the Priceline is a better deal plus they just purchased so they can offer more value for your family.

If the Orbitz credit card is not what you are looking for then we suggest other airline miles cards or additional Capital One credit cards. We also recommend theStarwood hotel points card to bring in even more free stays and flights.