Providian Visa Review

he Providian Visa® Platinum Card from Providian Bank offers great features like the low introductory interest rate and benefits to help you raise your credit score. A great service that Providian offers that most credit card companies do not is a free FICO score if you log-in to your online account. This card is a great card if you are trying to raise your credit score and you can actually monitor it for free. One disadvantage we found with this card we found with customers is their customer service being outsourced but that happens with many of the credit card companies and financial institutions now including Citi Cards. Providian seems to have the “Real Benefits” phrase in their marketing but besides the free FICO score and the Introductory rate the benefits still do not compare to our favorite pick credit cards with rewards.   Washington Mutual Bank recently purchased Providian in hopes to expand their credit card business so you may see more cards come from this issuer soon.  There is not much to the Providian Visa, it is just a basic card with a 0% offer that charges high balance transfer fees and high cash advance fees. Why did Washington Mutual buy Providian if its such a helpless card? Maybe to turn it into something better and give WAMU a card offering to the mortgages and financial services they currently offer.

Providian Visa®

  • 0% Introductory Offer on Balance Transfers* for 12 months
  • No annual fee
  • $0 liability on unauthorized transactions
  • Credit line up to $15,000
  • Choose your card design
  • Great Discounts from Great Merchants*
  • Online access to your credit score known as your FICO score Not Recommended.  What is your opinion of the Providian Visa? Email us at


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