Starbucks Duetto Credit Card serves as Reloadable card and Visa Card

UPDATE: 2/11/10 – Starbucks and Chase Bank have ended the Duetto Card.  This decision was most likely due to the bad economy and less people indulging interested in earning points towards a vanilla latte. See more credit cards to earn points.

This card is for those of us that enjoy the aroma of Starbucks Coffee and the great tastes of Starbucks frappuccino this card from Chase plays on the Starbucks craze (or shall I say addiction). You did hear me right that this card serves as a reloadable Starbucks Card AND a Visa credit card. Consumers can earn Starbucks “Duetto™ Dollars” with every Visa purchase meaning you get $10 Duetto™ Dollars in their Starbucks Card Account with their first Visa purchase, Qualify for additional Starbucks rewards and benefits when using their Starbucks Card Account, Enjoy a 0% intro APR* for up to 6 billing cycles, no annual fee and a wide range of Visa benefits. One of the great benefits of using this card are the benefits beyond Duetto™ Dollars where you can get a free pound of coffee, a sneak preview of Starbucks latest new product just by using your Starbucks Card Account and the more you use it, the more opportunities you have for these type of rewards. Just think how left out your friends will be once you pull out your Starbucks Card. The 1% full cash back you earn from your Starbucks Visa Card purchases go directly into your Starbucks Card Account for you to spend. There is no waiting for certificates and no huge point totals to accumulate.  Since coffee has went up over 13% after Hurricane Katrina hitting the Gulf Coast it might be a better time than ever to have a Starbucks Card to get some of the increase back in your pocket.

Starbucks recently introduced a Gold card for people who really like coffee. The gold card gets you 10% off most purchases in Starbucks stores, a free drink when you sign up in store, and you do not have to use any type of credit card for this you can pay as you like. Exclusive member benefits for registered members like a free drink on your birthday and special offers and discounts. The fee is $25 to join and coffee lovers can get the savings all year long. has more information on this new offer from Starbucks.

Free Coffee From Starbucks?

  • Starbucks hosted a National Coffee Break where they served more than 500,000 cups of free coffee which ran from 10 a.m. to noon across various time zones.  While 70 percent of Americans take at least one coffee break per day they hope to market their launch of coffee-making equipment and counter McDonalds new coffee plan.  Watch news about Starbucks closely to find out when the Next Free National Coffee Break could take place.
  • Other ways to get free coffee and discounts from Starbucks are from points programs.  E-Rewards would be a good example of this.
  • Earn Starbucks dollars using the above credit card for all your purchases.