WaMu Fools You with No Balance Transfer Fee Offer

I was more than excited when found a piece of mail that said I could get a 0% APR when I transfer a balance now.  The letter pointed me to the Wamu Credit Card website where it quickly disappointed me with the terms and conditions.  I thought I was getting a balance transfer at 0% with no balance transfer fees but the offer was misleading.

The Washington Mutual MasterCard was really offering 0% fixed APR on my credit card purchases until 2010.  The intro purchase rate expires if you do not make a balance transfer now and the biggest catch is that the rate to transfer balances is 9.99% even though it has no fees.

This is the fourth time I have opened up a letter from WaMu thinking I was getting a no balance transfer card with 0% interest on the balance transfer.  I was tricked again by a credit card company and wish they would quit wasting paper sending me offers that are worthless.

There are barely a few credit cards left that do no fee balance transfers with 0% interest unless you really search for them and become disappointed with the result.  You basically have to wait until such an offer shows up in your mailbox and only if you have a good or excellent credit record.

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