GM Card Review

More than 6 million consumers now carry a GM card. Since the GM Card was launched in 1992, it has helped GM sell or lease nearly 5 million vehicles. In addition, roughly 10 percent of all GM’s retail sales now use points from a GM card.

The GM card from Household Bank is quite popular. This card offers you five percent earnings toward the purchase or lease of a General Motors vehicle. Every GM vehicle has a redemption allowance cap. For example, you can apply a maximum of $2,500 toward a Cadillac Escalade, or $3,500 toward a Buick Park Avenue. You can check your earnings online to find out how many more points you need to earn a significant discount on a great car.

General Motors is changing the rules for the most popular automobile credit card. GM Card consumers can sign up for a new flexible version of the card that will allow them to accumulate cash for anything instead of being restricted to a GM Car and that means even a competitor’s vehicle.  This new GM Card benefits the cardholders more than the older version by giving them a choice.  Users of the GM flexible earnings card will earn a full 1 percent on all their credit card purchases and GM will triple the earnings if the points are applied toward the purchase or lease of a new GM vehicle.  The users of the flexible GM card also will have the option of redeeming the 1 percent earnings for the purchase of any other new vehicle or for cash.  GM still hopes that most customers stay loyal to GM cars even though some consumers might use the points accumulated on the card to buy a competitive vehicle.GM also will continue to offer other types of cards including the original GM card, which earns 5 percent of their annual spending towards points that can be used only to the purchase new GM vehicles.  GM’s card portfolio, which is serviced by HSBC card services both in the U.S. and the United Kingdom, also includes GM extended family card for GM employees, suppliers and relatives and the GM business card for small business owners.

Most consumers largest purchases will be a home or a car and why not get a credit card that helps you save up for a car. GM auto products include Buick, Chrysler, Hummer, Oldsmobile, GMC Trucks, Pontiac, and Saab. The GM Card gives you 5% back on every credit card purchase with NO Annual Fee and an introductory 0% on balance transfers and new purchases all that with savings offers from the line of GM Products. 

TIP:  Consumers who select the GM Flexible Earnings Card will have the choice between cash back rewards or saving for a vehicle instead of being locked into just one reward option.

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