$50 to $400 Signup Bonus Offers

Now is a great time to consider a new credit card. To obtain the best deal, customers should perform some online research to find the best deals. Chase, Discover and Citibank often offer incredible deals for customers. For instance, these companies are offering cash back to customers who open a credit card for the first time. Consider these offers to obtain incredible savings with your card.

The hottest bonus signup offer on the market today is the one from Barclayscards at $400 for their Arrival Card. It has an annual fee after a year but the first year is on them and that gives you enough time to earn your bonus of $400 and move on to another one of their great cards. They are the new bank in town and you definitely want to be on board!

Chase offers their customers $200 bonus Cash Back after they spend $500 in purchases in their first three months. This card also has no annual fee and a 0% annual percentage rate for qualified card holders. Consumers will continue to save by offering 5% Cash Back on categories such as gas, department stores and home improvement. All other purchases will receive 1% cash back. When individuals shop online with Chase approved merchants, they may receive as much as 10% cash back.

Citi Diamond Preferred
Citibank is offering 10,000 ThankYou Points for recipients of the Citi Diamond Preferred Rewards Card. The ThankYou Points received are equivalent to a $100 Gift Card. Customers must make at least $100 in purchases within the first three months of having the account open to qualify. If the customer makes $600 in purchases within the first three months, then you will receive 20,000 ThankYou Points or a $200 Gift Card.

Citi Gold AAdvantage
Citi Gold will allow customers of earn 30,000 AAdvantage bonus miles after making $750 of purchases in the first four months. Customers will also receive 5,000 AAdvantage bonus miles after their first year anniversary with Citi Gold AAdvantage.

Capital One No Hassle Rewards
Capital One offers customers Cash Back on their purchases of gas and groceries. The Cash Rewards do not expire and customers may accumulate as many as possible. Capital One offers 2% Cash Back on purchases at gas stations and major grocery stores as well. All other purchases will receive 1% cash back. Individuals may also receive a low introductory APR on all initial purchases on the card.

Sign-up Bonus Summary
Of the cards mentioned, Citibank Diamond Preferred Card requires the least purchases to receive Cash Back or a gift card for purchases made within the first three months. Citibank offers $200 for spending the same amount that Chase requires to earn $100. However, Chase offers customers 5% Cash Back on essential items and customers may earn up to 10% with Chase preferred vendors. Long term, Chase is the preferred card over Citibank because they only offer 2% on essentials and 1% on all other purchases. Discover is comparable to Chase; however, they require fewer purchases to receive $100 Cash Back Bonus. Additionally, they do not offer a higher percentage Cash Back for preferred vendors.