The Bucks Come Back To Your Statement

Do not let the name of The First National Bank of Omaha fool you just because they are based in Omaha does not mean you cannot obtain this great offer. They have several rewards cards and I have found a few of the ones that I like best to offer on this site because we believe in the best of breed here instead of an overwhelming number of cards spamming you away with endless offers. My favorite card happens to be the simplest rewards offer where you get $1 back for every dollar spent or as they say a buck back for every buck spent.

If you need a quick 50 bucks then all you have to do is use the card one time and there you get a huge payout on your statement. This card means no hassle since you do not have to wait for a check to come crawling to your door and you can get cash earned credited to your statement. You know, the way all cards should be but they demand you play and waste time with their big bank rewards programs which sometimes is more hassle than its worth. Another great point about this Visa card is that you only have to spend $2,500 to get $25 credited to your statement instead of the normal $5,000 spend for a $50 credit you see with most cards.

I rate this card as one of my favorite picks for 2008. There are just too many great things about this card not to have it in your wallet even if you just used it for the initial $50 offer then traded that card in for another from First National Bank. If you are looking for a card that gives you unlimited earnings on everything this is your card because even on gas purchases you can get unlimited 1% back. It does not pay you back more than 1% on gas or purchases but they do offer a Visa Signature Card with Maximum Rewards that gives you 2% on travel purchases. If you are into game playing you can check out the World of Warcraft Visa.

The card art is very professional looking and makes you look important. I love the green color because it makes it look like you not only have money but you care about the environment at the same time.

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