Capital One Means No Hassle, More Choice

Capital One has a huge selection of cards in regards to a persons credit score or past credit history. You will find they give you lots of choice and a somewhat less hassle approcach to the redemption process. I have to admit I have hated Capital One for years from all of the horror stories I have heard regarding their credit policies and phone support but never been a card member nor gave them a chance.

Most recently, I looked over the new and improved Capital One program again and it looks like a winner. While I am hooked on five different Chase Cards right now and an American Express Card there may be room in my wallet for a Capital One card because the incentives are just stacking up. I am not sure where to even start with the earnings potential with these cards if you have excellent credit and the fact you can get no fee balance transfers with their Platinum offering. You know how we love no fee balance transfers on this site. They can be more money back in your pocketbook than “rewards” sometimes.

What is my favorite thing I like about Capital One? I like the fact you can customize the redemption schedule of your cash back. They do not hold the money hostage like some of these powerful banks. Two other things include a lower fee for using the card internationally and a no hassle rewards program where you can redeem the air miles for any airlines with no seat restrictions (so I can book first class instead of coach).

Did we mention NO LIMITS and NO EXPIRATION of Miles or Points?

The popular card issuer offers cards for those with average, good, and excellent credit types.  There is such a wide selection that they have a card lab to help sort out all of the reward miles and points along with the amount you have in mind for interest on balance transfer and APR.  A favorite advantage is that there are no expiration of miles or points and no limits to earning rewards.

Denied A Capital One Card?

Have you been denied a Capital One Card?  Write us and tell us your story just with any other credit card we want to hear!  (  I have never been denied a credit card.  I currently have about 10 credit cards in which the majority of them I have had for years which look good on your credit report since they are really not being used.  I have actually never been denied any kind of credit card until earlier this summer when I decided to apply for a Capital One card to save a few percent on the foreign transaction fee.  They denied me and sent me a letter saying I had too many inquiries.  Funny thing is that I have excellent credit, exceed the income requirements, and even got denied again when I tried to apply the first month of 2011.  In the meantime, American Expresshas raised my credit limits on my cards with them without me even asking.

Capital One Cards for College Students – for those starting out with a credit card for the first time and wish to hold something in your wallet that puts you in the real world.

Capital One just announced a new hotel and air miles rewards card where you earn double the miles after you spend just $1,000. The popular credit card issuer also has the Orbitz Visa on the market to rack up additional points when you book using a credit card on the website.

Note: One problem I found with Capital One cards is that the 0% APR is for purchases and not balance transfers which does not help too much with the “no balance transfer fees“. Apply for BOA or Citi Cards to get a true balance transfer card.

Capital One Card Lab – If you are excited to try out the CardLab that is advertised on TV then you will find yourself in major dissapointment because the perfect card is just not in this “lab”. I tried to apply for a card that offered 0% APR and no balance transfer fee on transfers and that was impossible. The rewards cards were not that impressive because if you clicked on 1.25% then the other buttons would dissapear I wanted to click on. I admit the “no hassle” guys have great cards to pick from but nothing comes up even near perfect.

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