Get a Disney Vacation faster with the Disney Visa Card

Disney’s Magical Kingdom is a huge family destination year-round. With Summer just around the corner you should add this card to your portfolio of rewards cards. This card brings out the magic in Disney by giving you a great reward for using it and making your stay and play at Disney free. Get the card that always gets you to the magic faster – Disney’s Visa® Credit Card from Chase. You’re closer than ever to a Disney vacation and special Disney merchandise including the new DVD release of Cinderella. Get the Disney’s Visa Card and enjoy these benefits:

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Your best way to save money on Disney Vacations is to use a travel rewards card such as the Starwood Preferred Guest Credit Card or the HHilton Honors Platinum Card which will pay far more than the Disney Visa ever saved your family. Hotels have become the most expensive part of a Disney Vacation so make sure you book your trip with these cards.

Disney News

What will be new for 2011-2012? Disney announced plans to double the size of the theme park’s Fantasyland section with a Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Also expect a “Princess Fairytale Hall,” where Aurora, Cinderella and other Disney princesses will greet guests in a new royal court. Expect a new indoor ride with a “Little Mermaid” theme to open at Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif., later this year..

Disney has a promotion where you can get in their parks for free. It just has to be your birthday and what could be a better birthday gift as a kid or parent then to hit the rides at a Disney park. The “What Will You Celebrate?” promo will be good for both Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California throughout the entire next year. That’s a birthday savings of $75 in the admission fee at Disney. (Expired 2010)

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest turns out to be a huge box office success with Disney. Pirates’ has already brought in over $250 Million for Disney studios. The Disney film was inspired by an attraction in the Disneyland amusement park. Johnny Depp, the main star of the adventure film that raked in more money opening weekend than the previous debut record of 114.8 million set by Spider-Man in 2002. This Summer Blockbuster is also the highest grossing movie of all time. You can already bet that the DVD pre-sales will be a major boom for the Christmas shopping season. Tip: You can charge your Pirates of the Caribbean DVD to a Disney Visa Card and earn rewards.

Older Disney related news

Note: We have been asked recently if we have credit cards from the Disney release this Holiday Season of Narnia and we do not at this time.  Narnia is expected to be a major blockbuster with the Christian following at the box office.  Christian bookstores will be capitalizing on the Narnia production from Disney on DVD sales but no one is able to offer a Narnia Credit Card.  The best option is to apply for a Disney Visa Card and use this to add up points for Narnia when it comes out on DVD.

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