Fixed Rate Credit Cards

Fixed rate credit cards ensure that a person will not be forced to deal with ever-rising APRs. So many credit card companies attract consumers with incredible deals that include low or no interest, no annual fees, and unlimited spending limits. However, after a member has had the card for only a few months he might easily be informed that his APR will be going from nine percent to 12 percent. These changes, that often seem to come out of nowhere, can greatly alter the deal that a person initially signed up for.

“Why Seek Out a Fixed Rate Card?”

Finding a credit card with a fixed rate can make things much easier for a person. Often, a person who chooses a fixed rate card with a slightly higher APR than a non-fixed rate card will end up saving money in the end. There are also many cards available that offer extremely low fixed rates. A person who gets one of these cards might have to deal with lower credit limits, but for those who have had trouble keeping up with credit card bills, this is probably a small price to pay.

Some Fixed Rate Cards Available:

Fixed Rate Credit Cards with Bonuses Just because a card has a fixed rate doesn’t mean it can’t have other perks, as well. Several fixed rate cards offer air miles, hotel discounts, or gas rebates to their members. There are even fixed rate cards that will help people save money on their phone bills. When people go in search of a fixed rate credit card they are most likely concerned with keeping interest low, so they can pay off principal. However, as more fixed rate cards are made available, companies are beginning to treat them like their other cards. They are constantly adding perks to fixed rate memberships in the hope that their card will stand out from all of the others on the market.

Note: A person’s credit rating has an affect on the kinds of rates that they will qualify for, so people should we well aware of their scores.

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