Top 7 Heaviest Credit Cards #LuxuryCards #Sapphire #Travel

Top 7 Heaviest Credit Cards #LuxuryCards #Sapphire #Travel

Sometimes nothing really makes sense. We have have our entire lives tried to throw out heavy change when we have it in our pockets being one of the main reasons we have switched to credit cards. Now there is a battle brewing over who has the heaviest credit card. Pretty soon if they get any heavier you will need a trainer to carry around the weights. These cards are definitely cool to look at but I am not so sure I want to carry too many of these around in my wallet just to show off. I would much rather use Apple Pay and get the transaction over with. Heavy seems to be the new Black with some card owners who love to show off their credit card fashion before it all goes digital.

Plastic credit cards normally weigh around 5g while the heaviest of luxury cards starts out at 28g. Some of these are made with plastic and some of metal.

#1: Chase Ritz Carlton weighs 28g with a heavy annual fee of $450. You at least get some elite benefits and possible free hotel nights to keep your heavy card inside.

#2: JP Morgan Reserve comes in at 27g with an annual fee of $450. This is also a Chase branded card so we are surprised it weighs differently but carries the same fee for that lighter weight.

#3: The MasterCard Titanium Card is one of the Luxury Cards from Barclay that has a Brushed Stainless Steel/Carbon Card—Patented Design.You get 2X Value for Airfare and 50,000 points will get you a $1,000 ticket on any airline with no blackout dates or seat restrictions. The annual fee is $195. The other option they have is the Luxury Card MasterCard Gold Card which also weights at 22g but with a heavy annual fee of $995. The gold version is good for the $200 airline credit each year and a 2% bonus when deposited into a US Bank account (any bankin America not just U.S. Banks- I was confused on that at first).

#4: AmEx Platinum is a personal credit card that is growing in popularity that weights 18g with an annual fee of $550. This fee actually just increased and is more expensive than its business version of the card mainly because it’s heavy.

#5: US Bank Altitude Reserve is a hot new card and probably my favorite right now with a weight of 16g and an annual fee of only $400. We think it’s a cheap annual fee for the reimbursements you get annually.

#6: AmEx Centurion comes in at 14g with annual fee of $2,500. Maybe they should add a pound of gold to the weight or perhaps a few virtual bitcoins to make it worth the few grand you drop on it. Maybe a rapper chain necklace as well?

#7: Chase Sapphire Reserve comes in a bit less at 13g with a $450 annual fee. This card was by far the most popular card of 2016. It was so popular that Chase Bank ran out of the metal at one point and shipments were delayed. The Chase Sapphire Preferred weighs the same with a smaller annual fee of $95, but less of the benefits. Chase UA Club is another 13g weighing card with a high annual fee of $450.

A few notable challengers to the heaviest credit card contest are two more Chase Cards. Chase must have a weight fetish. Chase Marriott is a heavier card than your average card at 13g with an annual fee of $85. Chase Amazon Prime comes in at 13g but you don’t have to pay for the extra weight since it has no annual fee.