BankAmericard Power Rewards Visa Signature Card Review

Are you planning to buy a large purchase at the drug store; like a summer patio set, plants for your yard, or an expensive prescription? We know that gas purchases are $60.00 and upward to fill our gas tanks. We also know that our groceries are really starting to rise due to the economy. With the BankAmericard Power Rewards Visa Signature Card, you can purchase gas, groceries and drugstore purchases along with receiving 3X reward points, and all with 0% interest rates. The drawback to this card is that the power of the card disappears after six to ten months. You want to make sure you have the card paid off when the plan expires. The card does have the flexibility of being able to redeem your points for travel, merchandise, and cash back. There are other great benefits that make this a card you will want to have.

You must have a good to excellent credit history to receive the card in order to get the 3X points on the above-mentioned items for the first six months. After that, the card converts to one point for every dollar earned. After the first seven to ten months, again depending on your credit history, the introductory APR of 0% will increase to 12.99%, which really is not very bad.

Other cards that rival the BofA card, is the Discover card, which gives you a $100.00 cash back bonus by purchasing $500.00 within the first three months of owning the card. The Discover More card will give you 5% cash back bonus January through March on travel related items such as airlines, car rentals, hotels, cruises, and restaurants. This cash back bonus has a limit of $800.00. The Discover More card does have tiers or caps where you need to spend $3,000.00 to get 1% back on other purchases. It has no annual fees.

The Chase Freedom card has all the offers of BofA and Discover. It does not have any tiers or caps. There is no annual fee and you get 5% cash back bonuses for gas, home improvement, and department stores. You can also receive 20% cash back when you shop online at select merchants through Chase. This card has one of the best rewards programs available.

Do your homework and find the right card to fit your budget. Each card has little nuances that you need to explore.

Compare to other cards from Chase and Discover

The Bank of America Power Rewards Card is among the most popular credit cards now in use. The Power Rewards program offers many features and options that are difficult to find among competing credit cards. From the number of points it’s possible to accumulate each year to the wide range of rewards choices, the Bank of America Power Rewards Visa Platinum has proved to be a solid credit card choice for many Americans.

The Power Rewards Visa Platinum card offers no annual fee and a zero-percent fixed introductory APR on both purchases and balance transfers. The rewards offered start at 2,500 points, which is lower than many other cards. The Power Rewards points are also unlimited in yearly number and don’t expire until the five-year mark.

Depth of reward selection is another reason that so many consumers choose the Bank of America Power Rewards Visa Platinum over other credit cards. Instead of offering just one outlet, as many cards do, the Power Rewards Visa Platinum has assembled a wide array of stores, restaurants, and more to which you may apply your rewards. From kitchen items to stereos, camera equipment, travel, gift cards, and even cash rebates, the choices with the Power Rewards Visa Platinum are among the most impressive in the market.

Among the additional benefits of the Bank of America Power Rewards Visa Platinum Card are easy online banking, travel and emergency assistance, and automatic card rental insurance. As the bank that’s been in business since 1929, Bank of America is one of the biggest names in banking. It is now known as one of the biggest names in credit cards, as well.

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TIP: If you want the 500 free points you must use the card within 90 days. If you plan to do a balance transfer you could do that a few months instead of the 6 months and then use the card after the balance is paid off to get the 500 points.

Common Questions for Power Rewards Visa:

Do points expire with Power Rewards program? Yes. Points expire in 5 years which is plenty of time to redeem rewards.

NOTICE: This offer has been discontinued.