Cruise in Style with Sea Miles

Introducing the first and only cruise line credit card that lets you decide which trip you want to take. The Sea Miles card from Chase starts out with a 5,000 point bonus to get you in that ship faster. Make sure you read below for some tips of how not to sink your debt into the titanic while avoiding extra fees.

With the SeaMiles® Visa® Rewards Card*, you can start earning points toward a FREE cruise after your very first purchase. SeaMiles is the only cruise loyalty program that recognizes and rewards you, the cruiser, with points that can be redeemed on Any Cruise Line at Any Time meaning no Point Restrictions or irritating Blackouts dates or fees to deal with! There are many other rewards cards for families who like to take cruises including the Disney Visa where you can use points towards a Disney Cruise and the Carnival MasterCard but many consumers have demanded more choice in what cruise line they want and when they want to take their vacation.

SeaMiles® Visa® Rewards Card

  • 5,000 Bonus Points after your first purchase using the card.
  • Earn 3 points for every $1 spent when you book any cruise through SeaMiles or one of their designated travel agents.
  • Earn 1 point for every $1 spent on all other purchases.
  • Redeem on Any Cruise Line…Any Time with No Blackouts, No Restrictions, and No Fees.


How can I avoid Cruise Ship ATM Charge Fees?

Here is a tip I read from Conde Nast Traveler that sounded to have some credibility. They claim that most passengers open their shipboard account with a credit card. They then go to the casino and ask for a “cash advance” on their shipboard account. The cash advance will go on your credit card (preferably Sea Miles card so you can get extra points), with no fee involved. When your card statement comes in the mail, the advance will be incorporated into one single charge from the cruise line. Just make sure you pay your bill on time and avoid fees and interest you could incur. Note: This tip is not specifically tied to this credit card being mentioned above from Chase – you can do this with most bank cards but make sure you call the customer service number on the back of your card first and make sure they turn off the “cash advance” as a caution.

How can I keep my credit card and money safe on a cruise?

I advise you to either wear an under-the-belt bag that hides behind your pants or keep a copy of your credit card, drivers license and an additional credit card in the safe back in your cruise cabin. It is always best to keep an extra credit card on a trip that is not on you for emergencies.

How can you pay for your cruise?

1. I would use a credit card and charge everything there if your limit is high enough.

2. There are small personal loans you can use but they charge high interest.

3. Fun Finance Plan – Capital One and Carnival Cruises have teamed up for a Carnival MasterCard and have the “Fun Finance Plan” for a loan you get to pay off once you have went crazy shopping on your cruise vacation.

4. Princess’ Love Boat Loan program works with MBNA and offers a choice of installment payout periods of 24, 36 and 48 months, with an APR starting at 14.99%.

What is the best credit card to earn a free cruise?

We recommend the Sea Miles Visa (featured above) from Chase because it lets you choose which Cruise line you desire as our undisputed top choice. There are a few other cards in this area to treat yourself with. You can also try the Celebrity Cruises Visa where you get double points for every dollar spent on their ship. This card provides rewards such as stateroom upgrades and onboard credits. More information on this card can be found at The other cards in this arena are from Disney, SeaEscape, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean.

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