Hess Gas Card Review

If you live in an area where there are plenty of Hess gas stations you now have the opportunity to leave your wallet with plenty of cash from the Hess gas station credit card. This is the only gas credit card that gives you the highest rebates towards free gas and merchandise at all HESS, HESS EXPRESS, and WILCO HESS locations! The Hess card makes your gas savings increase if you normally goto Hess because every time you use your HESS Visa Platinum Card, you’ll earn rebates that are automatically credited to your monthly statement. Keep in mind there is no limit to the amount of rebates you can earn. Hess operates approximately 1,250 HESS retail facilities from Massachusetts to Florida so there are plenty of stations to choose from. This card not only comes in great if you are a commuter but if you drive a commercial vehicle, or even a big rig truck its a great way to get money back on high gas prices including diesel gasoline.

Consumer Reviews of Hess:

I would like to comment on your Hess card but I cannot.  I felt it necessary to write about a horrible experience at the Hess gas station in Lillington North Carolina 27546.  Recently received a $25 Hess gift card through a sales promotion approximately two weeks ago.  Trying to redeem the card at the Lillington station became a trying ordeal.  I put the gift card in the pump reader which read $25 credit on the display.  I began to lift the handle realizing I reached for regular where as my vehicle uses premium. After returning the pump “Error 08” appeared on the display and would not clear.  I immediately went into the station explaining my issue and this is where the experience really goes down hill:

  • I explained the issue to the friendly associate behind the counter.  She tried to redeem the card several times but to no success.  She stated the pump would not  reset and  said there was some type of defect at the pump.  She then called her GM stating the issue and asked how to rectify the problem.  I was told to wait 5-10 until the GM arrived for a resolution which was an unreasonable request considering every one’s busy lifestyle including my own.  I told the nice associate I would return at a more convenience time only after giving her my credit card for my weekly (sometimes bi-weekly) fill up.
  • Three days later I returned explaining to the General Manager GM and the assistant mgr my issue for the second time.  The manager said, ” you should have waited for me” and there is nothing we can do for you.  She said the system states the card had been used and there was no way for redemption. “Sorry”.  Although I felt slightly cheated, I understood things happen so just write it off on experience.  After returning to the office I told my colleague about my experience.  He says there should be a better resolution than received and I should call the number on the back of the card for customer care.  I made to call only because the card was a gift promotion and had a personal reward value.
  • Customer care was very polite and empathic to my situation.  They too said the card had been used but would forward my concerns to the District Manager.  The next day the District Manager(DM) left a message stating he would here my concerns and please return his call at my convenience. I received the message later in the day feeling some resolution but did not return his call because it was not worth the time and aggravation due to my first two visits.  But his return call so soon after speaking to customer care it made me good about your company and I would continue to purchase your product.  Three days later the DM again called.  This time he reached me and listened to my concerns. I was told to returned to the store and I would received my $25 gift card  He was extremely professional and I appreciated it.
  • Upon returning to the station for the 3rd visit I was greeted by another friendly associate who I’ve seen several times providing an excellent shopping experience for your customers.  She said the manager had left for the day and there was no card waiting for me.  She said the manager had instructed her to request I return with gift card.(Not mentioned by the DM)  I said,” I do not have the gift card with me but here is my credit card and I would like a fill up please.” She thanked me for my business as I had seen her do several times before and I was on my way.
  • A few days later I again returned but with the gift card in question.  Greeted again by another friendly associate who I had spoken to several times in the past and always a joy to speak briefly about the weather, gas prices, etc.  She too said there was no gift card waiting for be but to leave my gift card with her and she would make sure the manager received it and hopeful she said, It would be redeemed.
  • Today the GM called me stating she would be on time away for a few days and I needed come in and receive my gift card.  I thanked her and said I would be right over(against my better judgement).  When I arrived she asked me to explain what happened, again.  I did not know I was being conference in on her cordless phone to the DM.  They debated whether I should receive the card over the phone in front in me.  The GM  regrettable offered the gift card.  I refused it and walked out never to return to an Hess establishment again.

I visit your establishment in Lillington North Carolina for a fill up a minimum of once per week.  Currently at $3.96 per gallon for premium with a 16 gallon tank $63.36 equated to $3294 annually. (after taxes)  I understand there may be very little profit margin in a fill up but is a lost customer forever could not be worth questioning their integrity over $25 gift card which was validated defective at the pump and offered by a senior field manager in good faith.  You can rest assure knowing my time writing this complaint was worth more than the gift card but not my integrity.


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