Speedway SuperAmerica MasterCard To Save on Fuel

With steep gasoline price increases taking a bite out of everyone’s budget, it’s nice to find a credit card that can save you money on gas. That’s exactly what the Speedway Platinum MasterCard can do in conjunction with the Speedy Rewards points program. This is a straightforward, easy to understand program that can result in significant discounts and savings for consumers on gas and many other items.

How It Works

First, customers have to sign up for the Speedway Speedy Rewards program card. They can do this at Speedway and SuperAmerica stores free of charge. Next, they need to apply for a Speedway SuperAmerica Platinum MasterCard. When they make purchases using the Speedway MasterCard, customers accumulate rewards points. For each $1 in purchases at a Speedway or SuperAmerica store, customers receive 40 extra rewards points. For purchases at other stores or businesses, customers earn 10 points for every $1 spent. Customers also earn 10,000 bonus rewards points the first time that they use their Speedway SuperAmerica Platinum MasterCard. Points do not accumulate instantly, but are added to the rewards card on a monthly basis. Customers can redeem their rewards points at redemption terminals located in Speedway and SuperAmerica stores. They simply insert the Speedway Speedy Rewards card into the terminal, select the item or items that they want, print out a coupon for the item, and redeem it. Rewards include discounted or free gas, free food, free beverages, gift certificates to other stores and restaurants, gift cards, and other merchandise. New merchandise and discount promotions are frequently added to the rewards program to target customers or promote specific merchandise. For example, customers who purchase a certain number of a beverage, such as coffee, can get a free cup of coffee through the rewards program. There are, however, some restrictions the program. Balance transfers to the Speedway SuperAmerica Platinum MasterCard do not result in rewards points. Purchases of cash equivalent items such as money orders and travelers checks also do not result in the accumulation of rewards points.

Details of the Speedway SuperAmerica Platinum MasterCard

The Speedway SuperAmerica MasterCard, issued by Chase, charges a competitive variable interest rate on balances with no annual fee. The interest rate is based on a prime rate that varies, plus a set add-on rate. The grace period for paying off purchases without incurring an interest charge is 20 days. There are two rate tiers for purchases. The Elite rate is currently $15.24% and the Standard rate is currently 19.24%. These rates will change, but the difference between then usually remains at four percentage points. The rate for cash advances is usually about four points higher than the purchase rate for each tier. Balance transfers generally have an introductory period with zero percent interest or an interest rate lower than the purchase rate. After the introductory period, balance transfers are subject to the same interest rate as purchases. There is also a fee of 3% of the transfer amount for balance transfers, with a minimum fee of $5. This fee applies for each transfer. Cash advances also incur a 3% fee with a minimum fee of $10. The late payment and over the limit fees are both $39. The Speedway SuperAmerica MasterCard offers protection from unauthorized purchases, emergency card replacement, emergency cash advances, and enhanced online security features.


The Speedway SuperAmerica Platinum MasterCard offers competitive interest rates with no annual fee, always a plus for any credit card. Certainly, cards with better interest rates are available to people with excellent credit, but the Speedway card’s rates are about average for credit cards. The real selling point for this card is the liberal rewards program, particularly for customers who shop a great deal at Speedway and SuperAmerica stores. The ability to save money on gas and get numerous other discounts by using this card makes the Speedway SuperAmerica Platinum MasterCard a winner for most consumers.

With more than 80 locations, Speedway Fuel Centers have driven to become a key destination for customers seeking both value and convenience. With headquarters in Enon, Ohio, located near Dayton, Speedway SuperAmerica has a large concentration of stores throughout the Midwest US. If you live in this area we welcome you to apply for this gasoline credit card where you can earn a big rebate that’s automatically credited towards future purchases at Speedway, SuperAmerica, Rich Oil and other retailer locations.

NOTE: If you do not live near a Speedway gas station in the Midwest United States we advise you apply for a “any gas station credit card” instead.

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