Exxon Mobil Credit Card

From Mobile, Alabama to Jacksonville, Florida you will find over 16,000 Exxon gas stations across the US. The Exxon Mobil MasterCard is a great rewards card to carry if you are looking for some ease with high gas prices. Exxon Mobil offers three credit cards including the ExxonMobil Card, Exxon Preferred Card, and the ExxonMobil MasterCard. The first card is just your basic retail gas station credit card and offers no real incentives for the consumer. The Exxon Preferred Card offers cash back on hotel rooms, new car pricing, flight insurance, and emergency cash. All of this you can find convenient but not worth the price tag of $25 annually. Finally, the ExxonMobil MasterCard offers gas guzzling drivers the best benefits with 3% on purchases made at participating Exxon and Mobil retailers, and 1% on all other purchases.

This is the only card from this gas retailer I would recommend if you are stuck on only Exxon’s gasoline which is currently under boycotts from environmental and ethics groups. With there being so many gas stations to choose from its always best to have your own freedom of choice and go to the station with the cheapest gas prices and better technology to make your miles per gallon go the farthest.

Compare to the Shell MasterCard

Update: Use Apple Pay at ExxonMobil Gas Stations across the U.S.

Gas Savings Tip
  • Apply for “any station” Gas Rewards Credit Cards including Discover Gas Card to get the maximum gas savings benefits rather than cards like the Exxon Mobil card.

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