AT&T Universal Rewards Card

UPDATE: Read our New Review of the AT&T Card.

This is the perfect companion to your new iPhone. The new and improved AT&T Universal card gives you 10% back in the first year on all your AT&T purchases. These could be purchases from your cell phone provider AT&T (formerly Cingular Wireless), AT&T Yahoo DSL, business phone services, and long distance calling. You can barely go in or out of the house without seeing the blue logo. If your bill is $140 similar to mine each month you could save $14 each month from having this credit card. You get 10% back on AT&T purchases for a year then it goes down to 5% after the promotion period of a year. Now you can indulge and not feel the complete guilt of spending too much money on your iphone and cellular service.

Summary: This card from AT&T and Citibank is a great convenience for those who want to carry fewer cards and have one card to use for their credit card and calling card all in one. No more hassling with having to go to your local convenience store and purchasing a over-priced calling card. With this card you can earn up to 10% in rewards from AT&T.

Disadvantages of this card: You may save a maximum of $350 in any calendar year. You can now save money at gas stations qualifying this card for one of our favorite gas rebate cards but there is one bad point about this card: the maximum savings allowed per account is $350 per calendar year. You can earn 1 ThankYou Point for every dollar spent on non-AT&T purchases, up to 50,000 per calendar year, that can be redeemed for gift cards, travel, electronics and more. You have to use their Thank You point network which can be a “hassle” and not be dollar for dollar. Cash rewards programs are the best since you see direct money instead of hassling with points. Tip: We recommend that you apply for the AT&T Universal card with a balance transfer offer. After you receive the card use the zero percent balance transfer to your advantage for 11 months then pay it all off long before the 12 months comes up to avoid any late payment fees or interest. Also, another neat thing the credit cards do not want you to do with this card is use the “Cash” version of the card for its cash back purposes spending either only $50,000 a year on the card at 1% locations or $7,000 a year to max out the 5% AT&T services rebate of $350. You then will have made interest off your own bank account by not paying off this card until 11 months or so and then made up to 3 checks of $100 from this card. Furthermore, you would keep the credit card and repeat the spending for rebates until its maxed out every year.

Update: The AT&T Universal Card no longer saves you more than 1% at supermarkets, drugstores, and gas stations.

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Which AT&T Universal Card should I choose?

You are the lucky person to have stumbled upon our website because most people do not know about the actual best deal AT&T Universal card. The best deal was the Cash Rewards Card that we featured but now the cards are mainly for AT&T services instead of groceries, drugstores, and gas savings. They offer only two cards with the same AT&T Universal branding including the AT&T Universal Savings Platinum and the AT&T Universal Savings & Rewards with Thank You Points redemptions on non-AT&T purchases.

Do the drugstores involve online drugstores for the 5% back?

If you still have the former Universal Cash card this may apply to you but the updated cards do not give 5% back on drugstore purchases. We understand that online drugstores like online pharmacies and may not work with the above card but we are not for certain. Please read all Terms of service carefully and speak with a AT&T Universal Card representative for more information for location specific questions.

Do you have to select AT&T as your long distance provider to benefit from this rewards credit card?

Only if you want the 5% rebate offer with this card. You can use this card to pay your former Bell South, former SBC, Sprint, Tmobile, Verizon, PacBell, or any other telecommunications bills that you can pay via credit card. Although, the calling card part of the credit card only uses access to AT&T’s international calling network.

How to use your AT&T Universal Credit Card to dial phone numbers with:

Dial 1 800-CALL-ATT® and enter the calling card number on your AT&T Universal Card and your 4-digit PIN.

Then just pay 35 cents per minute with no monthly charge for domestic calling card calls. AT&T will add a surcharge for calling card calls originating from pay phones. Call 1 800-CALL-ATT® for the current pay phone surcharge amount. Universal Connectivity charge also applies.

Compare the ATT Universal Card (Cash Back) to the Chase Cash Plus Visa?  Both cards have about the same maximums in the rewards redemption amounts.  The ATT Universal Card and the Chase Cash Plus have a maximum per year at $350 or $30,000 based on spending at 1% of all purchases.  Both cards have no annual fee and both make it possible to get a check sent to you in cash at minimums of $50.  We recommend the ATT Universal Card for the 0% offer then using the card for the rewards for drugstores, groceries, and gas stations for the 5 ThankYou points.

Welcome SBC to the ATT Family.  In case you have been living in a cave a few years you will know that SBC (Southwestern Bell) Communications changed its name to AT&T.  This could mean more rewards possibilities now that the merger is completed.  We are hoping that SBC Rewards program merges with the AT&T program.   The new AT&T MasterCard reflects the new merger and it claims to give back 5% on thier services even though last time I tried out the card the merger was still going on and it did not pay on SBC programs it should now that it’s finalized.

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