Plan Ahead and Get the Most Rewards out of Christmas Shopping

f you are like me you are a last minute shopper when it comes to Christmas.   I do plan ahead on a few gifts and buy them online but some of those are barely getting to my house before I leave for my families get together.  People who do not procrastinate will earn more rewards than ones who rush to the malls when they close on Christmas Eve.  The possibility of earning thousands and thousands of rewards during Christmas shopping season is endless.

What are the brands that you will buy this Christmas?

First, you need to plan out what credit cards you will use and what rewards programs you need to sign up for in advance.  When you are planning credit card rewards programs you need to also consider what big purchases charge on these cards.  If you are looking to buy the Sony PlayStation 3 for your 14 yr old boy then you may want to consider the Sony Visa Card.  You need to apply for this card a few weeks or a month in advance so you will have it to earn back multiple points on Sony items.

What stores will you shop at to buy these brands?

If you are considering buying all of your goods on Amazon then you would want to apply for the Amazon Visa in advance.  There are also other cards to use for these extra points like the L.L. Bean card.  You need to tailor your shopping for the maximum rewards at these retailers.

Earn bonus miles by clicking offers inside shopping directories

When you shop online for Christmas gifts at airline or hotel websites you can earn bonus miles.  You would click from your favorite airline or hotels website to the retail shop you want to make the purchase from instead of going to that site directly.  For example, you may use the American Airlines AAdvantage Shopping Directory to buy something at Apple Store instead of going into the store.

You would click (or for Marriott points) — make sure that you are signed into your AAdvantage account. You will then see links to Nordstrom, HP Home Store, Kohls, and more.  Pull down the “Select Merchant” menu and select Apple Store where you will see the offer of1 Mile Per $1 Spent (this normally doubles for Christmas Shopping incentives for most retailers)Find the coupon or promotion that you like the best then click on the link to goto the Apple Store to make your purchase.  You then make a purchase with a rewards card to get even more of a bonus.

Every year Marriott Rewards, Skymiles, WorldPerks, and AAdvantage programs offered double and triple bonus miles for Christmas, Back to School, and Valentines Day.

You now know the secrets to shopping effectively to earn the most points and miles for all of your holiday shopping.  Keep in mind that the most popular requested item each year are the gift cards from retailers.  Read more about gift card purchases during the giving season.

Top Christmas Shopping Credit Cards:

1. Slate 0% Card

2. Freedom Card

3. Discover Get More

4. American Express Starwood

5. American Express Gift Card

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