Shell Gas Card

These days it seems like every credit card company in the world has some sort of rewards program. According to recent statistics, more than half the card offers that went out last year featured some sort of reward program. With credit card companies offering everything from frequent flyer miles to cash back rewards, and even money for college, it can be difficult to decide which card is right for you.

Since most gas credit cards offering rewards programs also feature no annual service fee, you need another criteria to narrow down your options. One way to choose between cards is to compare the annual percentage rate. Some rewards cards come with a higher APR than cards without rewards options. Economic advisers recommend signing up for a rewards card only if you plan on paying off the balance every month. If you don’t pay off the balance, the interest rates overshadow any reward points you might earn through purchases.

CNN recently took the time to compare and review the contracts for the top rewards credit cards. The result was a list of nine rewards cards worth checking out. While the cashback rewards cards received the best reviews, the Shell MasterCard rounded out the list.

Most gas rewards cards offer customers a three percent return on gas charges. Shell stands out among the gas rewards cards by offering a five percent return on gas charges and a one percent return on all other charges. There is a $20 annual fee for this card, but if you make nine gas charges in the course of a year, the annual fee is waived.

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