Department Store Cards

Can Department Store Cards hurt my credit? Yes and No. I would not recommend having too many department store credit cards due to the fact they leach on your credit for just a small amount of spending limits. For example, if you have a department store card from Macys and its maximum credit limit was $1000, then a card at Express for $500 limit, a card at Saks $1400, Nordstrom’s for $2000, then you have that entire amount tied up where you may not be able to get a credit card you can use anywhere like a rewards card from Chase or Discover with $15000 limits.

How many Department Store Cards should I keep? Only keep the ones that give you rewards. Cards from Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Macys are all known to reap great spending rewards. But if you have a card from one retailer chances are they will work at all their stores they own so keep that in mind when applying. I normally just apply for a department store card then use the sign up benefits like the 10% or 15% instant discount on clothes at Express then cancel the card so it does not tie up my credit after I pay it off.

What can the Macy’s Card do for me? Frequent shoppers at certainly benefit from the company’s 10 percent back program where you spend $100, save $10; spend $200, save $20.

What can the Old Navy, Banana Republic, Gap Card do? 10% off all gapcard purchases the first Tuesday of every month, free shipping every day on all gapcard online purchases of $75 or more, 10 Rewards Certificates for every 250 rewards earned. With the Old Navy card you get $5 bucks back with $100 spent, and Banana you get $15 for every 350 points with 2 10% off first purchase rewards!

Other Specialty Shop rewards from their card programs?’s Visa cardholders are eligible for free shipping in the United States and free monograms on select products. card holders can earn 1-5 percent back on their purchases and some proceeds can contribute to conservations projects.

Department Store Cards not to carry. These are cards that have high interest and keep majority of the Visa or Mastercard percentage for themselves and do not carry it on to their consumers. All you are carrying around is a brand name on your credit card what is the benefit to you if they do not offer you any rewards? None. An example of this would be the Walmart card, I have seen no real benefits of this card except a low intro APR then found no reason for any discounts at Walmart or Sam’s to keep it in your pocket with so many rewards cards out there. Ask yourself why you carry a card and tie up your credit from Sears (rewards are small), Express (coupons are not even worth carrying into the store), JCPenney, Dillards, Foleys (known for the Red Apple Sale), Office Max, Staples, Abercrombie (no discounts, no incentives), Tiffany and Co., and many other retailers. Cancel them today and apply for a rewards credit card (a real credit card with a large spending amount offering you rewards and no annual fee) that you can feel good about weighing down your pocket book. It may even help the economy if people would start thinking more wisely with credit cards! Another Retail store card not to carry is the Radio Shack card – I noticed you get a whooping Soccer ball with that card, lets jump up and down on that one.. NOT.. I think you get the message there are many cards that offer better rewards than a soccer ball for the amount of money you spend in their retail shop.

Consolidate Retail Store Cards? Yes, there are ways to consolidate retail cards. Representing a major way that most consumers get in debt is the high interest from department or specialty store credit cards. Debt Counselors can help with credit card unsecured debt. One way is to get a loan to pay them all off at a lower interest, or you can get assistance with a debt management or counseling program. Learn more about a loan for debt consolidation.

Types of Department Store Cards

  1. Department Store Visa – known as revolving credit cards where the consumer pays in full each month or chooses to make a partial payment based on the outstanding balance. An example would be the Tiffany & Company credit card where you purchase jewelry or fine items sold at Tiffany’s.
  2. Department Store Master Cards
  3. Online Store Credit Cards: Amazon,, Ebay, Overstock
  4. Department Prepaid Gift Cards
  5. Prepaid Department Store Credit Cards