Travel Credit Cards

ravel credit cards give people a chance to accrue frequent flier miles every time they are used to make a purchase. Each dollar spent can actually bring someone a bit closer to that island trip or European vacation he has wanted to take for years. The promise of sandy beaches or breathtaking cathedrals has led many people to apply for credit cards that offer travel bonuses.

Travel Cards: Even More Relevant Today The airline industry continues to struggle, and most airlines are raising fares to deal with the problem. Higher prices, fewer luxuries, and a somewhat depressed economy have caused many people to put off their vacations, or to simply visit locations that they can reach by car. The travel credit card is a way to make things easier on vacationers, so the airlines hope it will get more people flying again.

So Much Variety in Travel Credit Cards

It only makes sense that credit card users would look for cards that can actually benefit them. Companies realize this, so they offer other perks along with the travel miles. These other perks can include:

Almost every major airline has teamed with a major credit card company. American Express offers the Delta Gold Skymiles Card, Continental has hooked up with Chase, American with Citi, and Northwest with US Bank. Even some of the smaller carriers like Alaska Air, America West, and Hawaiian Air have gotten into the credit card game. Benefits vary from company to company, but almost all of them offer an initial number of bonus miles and at least a one to one ratio of dollars to miles. Some cards promise that their members will not be subject to airline blackout dates, while others allow customers to receive a free companion ticket for domestic flights. Below we have listed the best travel credit cards available for businesses or consumers.

Travel Credit Card Offers include: